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What A Weekend

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The goal of this weekend was to chill and relax and enjoy every moment of it.

The past few weekends have been pretty hectic to say the least (although still quite fun)… going to a musical, a good buddy’s birthday in LA, planning my upcoming trip to Puerto Rico, a theme dinner, another friend’s birthday party, a lunch picnic and bunch of other stuff. I try to avoid doing things that will turn me into a busy-body… so this weekend I figured what the heck and just went with the flow. Aside from a planned dinner Friday night, I had no agenda this weekend. Sounds like a good plan…er non-plan… whatever. Here we go:

Right before leaving work, the big boss of the company walks into my office (okay…not really my office but there’s nobody else in that area so I pretentiously claim it to be my office) and gives me some great news. What is this news? Ask me in person and I’ll tell you…but it was definitely something that had been on my mind for almost the entire summer.

Dinnertime! I finally ate at a Mexican restaurant that I’ve always wanted to eat at. The place is a tucked away gem in Escondido…with good food and vibes all around. Hacienda de Vega is a great little dining escape if you ever want to try it out and the Tequila Shrimp is extremely savory to the palate. I had a fun time talking to my friend H and had some good conversations…some of which opened my eyes to a lot of things I didn’t realize about myself…which was very interesting and pretty cool. Good food, great company…an awesome way to start the super chill weekend.

I got a text the previous night from my buddy K who invited me to dawn patrol with him up in Oside. I’ve been wanting to meet up with this dude forever and just hang out and so I jumped on the opportunity. We surfed from 7:30am to about 10:30am and the waves were pumping… I caught some of the biggest waves of my life and got destroyed plenty of other times. We decided to grab brunch after our surf sesh at Daily News Cafe in Carlsbad Village and bumped into my friends B and M…and we decided to all sit together. I shared the good work news with B and M as they’ve been there kind of helping me along the way at times. Good food, good company. Great Saturday morning.

In the afternoon, I drove to my parents house to hang with my siblings as the parents are traveling once again. But it was good to catch up with my bro doing something he really enjoys…shooting zombies on the playstation. And I got to spend some quality time with the sister too…exercising my older brother rights to make her give me a massage since I had such a long and tiring morning. Surfing is strenuous dude. It was also good to talk to her and laugh at all the funny things she says…all the time:

Sister: Hey, for your blog, why don’t you start one on Tumblr.
Johnny: Why would I start a blog on Tumblr? I already have a WordPress account. (Although I do have a Tumblr account that I never use)
Sister: Well it’s like blogging but different.
Johnny: What’s different about it? Isn’t it the same?
Sister: No, it’s like blogging…but with like… tumbling…
Johnny: Tumbling?
Sister: Yes… tumbling. Okay nevermind. That sounded stupid.

She’s a smartie. I also had to drive over to my grandpa’s to take care of his garden while he is away which is always fun (sarcasm). But afterwards, we decided to get dinner at a place we used to eat at when we were kids.  Good food, good company, good times.

I got back later that night and decided that I needed some serious alone time. The entire weekend so far was talking and eating with people!

I decided to go to the beach at night…one of my favorite things to do.

And I brought my camera along too.

This is a great time not only to take pictures but also to think about stuff and be thankful for everything I have in my little North San Diego County bubble. I didn’t take many pictures even though I stayed out until midnight… but I think I got some good ones:

If you want the large versions, check my flickr link to the right side —>

The best Sunday mornings are when I am able to wake up early before church and make breakfast and read a little. Nothing is rushed…and this Sunday morning was one of those good Sunday mornings.

…and the goodness continues. You’ve caught up to me. I’m sitting here typing and reflecting on what I’ve been up to the past couple days (and digesting my delicious burrito from lunch). And I just received a text to go chill at the beach with my friend who’s back from Med School and their group of friends. No surfing for me… but finishing that book from this morning sounds like a good plan.

Until next time. Cheers.


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August 7, 2011 at 3:00 am

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