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New Clothes

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A few weeks ago, we had a big donation of clothes from a local church and a Boys and Girls club. It was pretty cool but a lot of the homies did not take the stuff.

Lots of clothes, but not a lot of takers

Then I got my brain thinking…and last Tuesday I called up my company’s HR and safety department. I asked if they had any old clothes that they did not want and would be willing to donate and sure enough, they had a couple of big boxes.

I went with the HR lady to our storage facility and found most of the items to be brand new hoodies, polo shirts, long sleeve shirts, and hats. I thought to myself, “man, it’s summer time…nobody is going to grab these and they’re just going to sit there.”


The clothes didn’t even stand a chance

About twenty hoodies, over thirty polos, over twenty long sleeve shirts and about a dozen hats were all gone within thirty seconds! How rad is that? They were like hobos on a ham sandwich very happy.


Wow. How insensitive am I to use that “hobo on a ham sandwich” phrase that is slightly funny unless you are indeed talking about real live hobo people. I used it because one of the homies told me, “they’re just like hobos on a ham sandwich…”


I felt awkward because I was shocked he would say something like that. Maybe it’s the same situation as black people and the N word. I looked at him and he was laughing his head off. Then I sheepishly asked him, “am I allowed to laugh at that too?” And he said yes so I did. My laugh sounded like, “heh….heh….”

So I guess it’s okay for me to use that phrase. Right? Right? No? Okay then.


Written by jonewantsm3

August 2, 2011 at 1:00 am

Posted in 100 Things

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