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The Rich Fool

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This is not a picture of the rich fool…

In fact, it’s my good buddy in Fresno who had the opportunity to speak at his church last weekend and he decided to talk about the Parable of the Rich Fool and all that good stuff. The guy is an amazing worship leader/guitar player… but an even more amazing person when you talk and listen to him as he is always striving for the things on God’s heart and encouraging others to do so as well.

Why am I tell you this? Well it’s has to do with my 100 Things Challenge… that’s why.

Here’s a couple link-a-doodles for your convenience.

The Well Community Church Sermon Page: Here
Download the sermon video: Here
Download the sermon mp3: Here

He gives me a quick mention towards the end of his sermon and after listening to it, quite honestly I was disappointed. Why…?

Because he said that I am 26 years old.

And yes!… I am going to be a brat about it because I’m 27 years old.

Other than that, we’re still friends. I can forgive him. But only this one time. Have a listen to it…you’ll be glad you did.


When I watched this video the first time, I realized that something did not look right. There was something about my friend that threw me off the entire time… Then I realized that he shaved off his mountain-man lumberjack beard of glory. If I was Japanese and could grow a beard like that, I would. Unfortunately, I’m Taiwanese and it would take me 10 years to grow what he can bless us with in a matter of a few days.


Written by jonewantsm3

July 31, 2011 at 8:00 pm

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