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Awkwardness Is…

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Awkwardness is bumping into a guy in the hallway at work who I normally don’t see… four days in a row. We give the awkward, extremely polite, “Hey, how’s it going?” as if we were so glad to see each other and then walk right past each other as if nothing happened.

Extremely awkward is while bumping into him I notice that for the entire week, both of us have been wearing the same matching shirt every single day! What are the chances of that happening???

Thursday was the black polo with red polo emblem…
Wednesday was the green polo with yellow polo emblem…
Tuesday was the red polo with black stripes…
Monday I don’t remember what I wore but I remember on Tuesday I thought, “man… we’re two for two…”

This reminds me of when my mom used to dress me and my brother with the same clothes. She loved it when people thought we were twins even though we’re almost two years apart. When someone would ask if her two boys were twins, she would giggle and laugh and be extremely happy as if she was the queen of trickery or won a prize or something. In fact, a lot of time I would hear her reply, “haha…they do look like twins now don’t they..?”

No. Dang it mom. The answer is NO! Me and my brother are NOT twins.

Here’s a picture from our joyous childhood:

Happy “twins” of Rancho Santa Fe.

Even when our mother dresses us up like complete dorks with matching sweats from head to toe (if you look closely enough, those little spots are tiny giraffes, hippos, monkeys and brontosauruses), we still managed to build a reputation of notoriety in Fairbanks Ranch.

Let’s see if we wear the same thing on Friday. In fact, I’m just going to work shirtless and we’ll see what happens. How’s that for awkward?

Happy Friday!


Written by jonewantsm3

July 29, 2011 at 1:11 am

Posted in Rant

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