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I have often thought about starting a new blog. One where I can passively aggressively get back at all the horrific drivers that I encounter on the road on a day to day basis.

All I would do, is pull out my camera and take a picture of their car with license plate and it would be a bonus if I could get a picture of the person driving as well. I would then post every time I have a bad driver encounter and put up their picture. The site would be searchable for license plates so if other people get cut off or swerved into, they can go to my site, look up that person’s car and then post comments on how they encountered that horrible driver as well. It would be a lovely community.

What inspired me to post this post?

Well, I just encountered a stupid driver and got a ticket. Yay. A woman (yes, fact) was driving 60 MPH in the fast lane because there was a cop in one of the slower lanes. Everybody started passing her and when it was my turn, she honked at me and started flashing her high beams at me. I was going the same speed as every other car passing her (in fact we stayed in a line) and the cop decided to pull me over apparently because that lady got his attention.

This idea for a new blog is so tempting right now… I think it would be a hit. Especially for…

all the people who drive 50 MPH in the left passing lane on a two lane freeway,
all the people who text or talk on their cell phones, (actually, I don’t care as long as they’re not swerving or tapping their brakes a lot for no reason)
all the people who slam on their brakes when there are no cars in front of them,
all the people who rubberneck when there are accidents,
all the people who drive in the middle of the lane like they’re an airplane taking off,
all the people who read newspapers as they drive,
all the people who flip me off when they’re going 60 MPH and I pass them to the left going 70 MPH,
all the people who get on the freeway and right away change lanes all the way into the fast lane,
all the people who weave through traffic,
all the people who change lanes suddenly without signaling and almost hit me and then flip me off,
all the people who drive on the right shoulder when there is traffic because they’re super impatient or need to pee or something,
all the people who drive super slow in the lane next to me and as I coming up behind them in another lane, they change into my lane for no reason and I have to slam on the brakes,
all the people who are eating friggin hamburgers and can’t concentrate driving,
all the people reaching to the backseat to grab something and can’t keep their car straight,
all the people who are signaling to change lanes in front of me and I give them two courtesy flashes to let them come in and then they pull up next to me thinking I was flashing them to prevent them from changing lanes in front of me and then they flip me off,


all the people who bust illegal U-turns in the middle of the road randomly,
all the people who fall asleep at the red light,
all the people who don’t accelerate on the on-ramp to a freeway,

…man this list can go on and on.And yes these are all people I encountered these past couple weeks.

It’s unreal how many people just zone out and drive on their commute to work that they forget common courtesy on the road. It kind of makes me want to find another job closer to home…like walking distance.

Anyway, until my next ticket. Cheers.

Written by jonewantsm3

July 21, 2011 at 1:00 am

Posted in Rant

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