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Jerry & Ingrid Yoon

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I went to a nice wedding reception last weekend at Dana Point. The people getting married are the same people you see on my right side blogroll. Yes, Jerry and Ingrid Yoon Photographers. The first thought that came into my mind when I was about to drive up was, “oh crap, I can’t take my weaksauce Canon to their wedding…” especially since they master in the art of wedding photography as their passion and way of living. So instead, I took my Sony TX5 and hoped for the best.

The wedding reception was as if Ingrid entered my brain and stole all my ideas. Outdoors, check. Near the ocean, check. Open bar, check. Dance floor, check. Live jazz band, check! I have since changed my ideas for the perfect wedding only because Ingrid put it together even though I wasn’t the one getting married… and because I quickly realized that only girls think about this stuff.

I knew Ingrid since junior high and church growing up. She’s always been kind of an older sister figure… one who’s extremely creative, funny, honest, caring, creepy as hell and perverted. Yes. The older sister I always wish I had and didn’t have at the very same time. A few years passed since last seeing her in the Bay Area, we had dim sum with a group of friends and her newly romanced boyfriend Jerry. And although I never really had the time to talk to him or get to know him, from what other people say about him, they are and will be great for each other.

These pictures are from the time I visted Ingonator at Cal when I was a first year at UCLA and she was in her second year. She showed me a spot where a homeless man pooped on the sidewalk the previous week and then took me to a tower on campus where we bumped into a couple making out… and then we watched them. Creepy older sister.

This reception was held for their SoCal friends as they had their ceremony the previous week somewhere in NorCal.

The sun set behind us as the night went on and the views in the evening and during dinner were amazing.

This last picture is by far the best and my favorite wedding picture that I have ever taken.

Then we got down on the dance floor. I couldn’t believe my eyes when the older Asian folk started getting down and grinding each other. It was so cool and gross and amazing all at the same time…and one older gentleman started strip dancing. Alcohol sure makes everybody’s wedding experiences a lot more fun. I’ve knocked out quite a few weddings this year already, and I got a few more coming still. In fact, about an hour before driving up to Jergrid’s wedding (what up Hollywood, I can combine names too) I got another wedding invite in the mail. Again. I think that’s over fifteen weddings within the past couple years…I need to start alienating my friends and being a jerk or else I’m going to end up a very poor, poor man.

Until the next wedding, Cheers.

Written by jonewantsm3

July 8, 2011 at 9:45 am

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  1. JOHNNY! ahhahaa… just saw this!! I promise, I do read your blog regularly, but this one got buried under all the other posts before I got to it. I’m so glad to have a post of yours all to myself. To celebrate, I’m going to go watch some people make out.

    Ingrid Chang

    December 13, 2011 at 11:32 pm

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