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Mass Items Removal

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The following items are gone:

– Item 14: Panasonic ZS3 – Finally broke after years of abuse. Can’t really take a camera to the beach too many times if it’s not designed to be waterproof.
– Item 20: Travel Mug – Never use it. Permanently smells of chai tea.
– Item 31: Walking Shoes – These things were completely destroyed and needed to be replaced.
– Item 73: Long Shirt – Red flannel, that I never wear
– Item 92: Coat – Red buffalo check coat that I never wear…
– Item 96: UCLA Hoodie – I never wear it
– Item 97: Prague Hoodie – I never wear it

Later tonight, I will update a few items that I have added to replace some of these things. It seems like most of these are winter clothes and I may regret this decision later, but I look back and honestly do not remember wearing these too often. So far this year, I have worn the flannel, UCLA hoodie and Prague hoodie one time each and I never even touched my coat. Therefore, I don’t think there’s a big need for me to own them and I’ll be donating these items next time I stop by to see the homies.


Written by jonewantsm3

July 7, 2011 at 10:45 am

Posted in 100 Things

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