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I was checking the news around lunchtime and saw the big breaking news of the afternoon:

Okay maybe not breaking news like you normally think, but something did break. His head. After reading this story, my initial reaction was, “Hahahahaha!” Then I read the story again and shared it with my boss. Then, after collecting my emotions and thoughts, my reaction then changed to, “Hahahahaha…idiot…”

In other smaller, less significant breaking news, Casey Anthony is acquitted of murdering her daughter. How on earth did this happen?

We did it! I’ll see you tonight at Hooters for the after party…

I’ll tell you how, the same way it happened with this dude:

WTF@#$??? … gloves…they fit!…

Although I did not follow this trial closely, I do have a few observations and opinions on the outcome. After finding that the mother completely lied on the stand, did they find out who was responsible for the online searches for “Chloroform” and “Neck breaking”? Didn’t the defense try to play the insanity card at the last second which usually is a desperate move because they know what’s coming? Florida. What on earth son!? The only thing that they found her guilty was lying to the popo. Maybe in Florida that’s punishable by life in prison. People may say that our justice system is flawed but I still think it works, you just need smart people to make sure it works right. In this case, not Floridians who always seem to screw things up. See 2000 Elections Florida Recount.


Written by jonewantsm3

July 5, 2011 at 1:20 pm

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