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Camp Pendleton Mud Run 2011

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I had so much fun at the mud run last year that I could not wait to run it this year. The team I had this year was really athletic and had we not started near the middle-end of the group, I feel that we could have placed in the top ten out of the three hundred mixed teams that signed up. Because this run was only a couple days after my birthday, the girls on the team decided to make birthday shirts for me as we ran the race. I had my fair share of birthday wishes from girls and old dudes alike.

Everybody on the team wore something similar. My shirt said “I. AM. JOHNNY.”

The set up for this year was different from last year. The parking situation, showers and bag check were all the same. The only thing that changed was registration and t-shirt pick up which was amazingly fast! They were so organized this year and pretty much had everything set up in a line. As you got off of the shuttle buses, you had to walk down a path and the booths were set up in the order of what you had to do: team waiver turn-in, pick up team bibs, pick up t-shirts, check in bags, get in racing line. Perfect! I couldn’t believe how fast and efficient everything was that morning. We got there slightly later which made us stand in the middle towards end of the crowd, but we made up for it because our team was rad. Literally. Our team name was Team Rad.

At the start of the race, the horn went off…and nobody moved. So many people! (And my friend J does not look super thrilled about getting muddy and ruining her white headband)

This part always reminds me of the old video game Oregon Trail.

You had no trouble floating the team across. And nobody died from dysentery.

Lots of costumes again this year

Lots of obstacles like knee-scratching tubes and stinky water…

Instant regret: I purposely dove headfirst into the mud for an awesome photo opportunity. Instead, I got a mouthful of turd smelling silt water and emerged as swamp thing.

Another obstacle was the mini-wall submerged in poop water. Me and Mr. Comb Over enjoyed watching Old Fat Dude in the background who is about 0.5 seconds away from feeling like an Oregon Trail deer…

…completely ded.

Lots of discarded shoes. I hope they were donated.


1. Registration. So smooth and fast. They were on top of it this year.

2. Mud. Yes, there are times when it smells like you’re wading through someone’s leaked septic tank but the point of the race is to get dirty and have fun. A little tip regarding duct tape. Don’t do it. Mud and rocks are going to get into your shoes anyway. There’s nothing you can do about it. I saw tons of duct tape being discarded along the entire trail and also saw people who had them on their shoes but they were all torn up and hanging off their ankles. Friends don’t let friends use duct tape for mud runs.


1. Marines. Where did all of them go??? Last year they had Marines at every corner yelling at us and screaming funny things like, “get your money’s worth! Don’t walk! I can’t change this to the Camp Pendleton Mud Walk just because one person feels like walking!!” This year, I passed maybe two dozen along the entire trail…bummer. And I know they probably had better things to do like stuff related to protecting our country, but it made it way more fun when they’re out there belittling people.

2. Costumes. People were not creative at all. In fact, people are getting risque and straight up nasty. Too many girls sporting the, “I like to get dirty” theme, or “I’m a dirty girl” or “I’m a filthy fifty year old woman wearing a pink leotard with my other fifty year old dirt cougars waiting to pounce on an unsuspecting minor.” Please please please look in the mirror before you try on some of the costumes! Mr. Wrestling Tights definitely won the Vomit In My Mouth 2011 award.

Running behind this dude should be a punishment reserved only for the worst offenders.

3. Dumb girls. I was grabbing water before the race and a group of girls stopped by to grab some too. I couldn’t help but hear them talking to each other as they were standing literally 2 feet in front of me.

Girl 1: They’re dressed up for someone’s birthday.
Girl 2: I think it’s for some guy named Johnny…
Girl 1: Yeah, I guess they’re celebrating it today.
Girl 2: Well.. Happy Birthday Johnny! Wherever you are…whoever you are…

Then she turns to me:

Girl 2: Which one of them is Johnny?
Johnny sideburns: Um…I’m Johnny.
Girl 2: Oh.
Girl 1: I think he’s Johnny. His shirt says, “I. AM. JOHNNY.”
JS: I think so too.

Happy Friday. Until next time, Cheers.


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June 24, 2011 at 1:00 am

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