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Eric & Anita Chu

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This past weekend I witnessed yet another couple of college friends tie the knot…and it was fun.

The ceremony and reception were both held at The Castaway restaurant up in the mountains of Burbank, CA. The place had really nice views of the LA down below and the ceremony was held outside on a secluded grassy lawn surrounded by hills. You can’t really miss the restaurant as it’s the highest point in the area… unless you’re me and decide to stop following the signs and to follow your instincts because real men use instincts instead of the conveniently laid out signs.

The ceremony was nice and small and the wind showed no mercy as it blew extremely hard at times that I thought the arbor was going to fall down behind the minister. It was also funny that he was the only one facing the wind and he had to keep sniffling at one point from allergies. Haha… okay not funny if you’re the bride or whoever but I thought it was hilarious.

Anita getting walked down the aisle…

I don’t have a good picture of Eric. Most of the ones I have are blurry or he looks angry or surprised in the clear ones…but I can assure you he’s one good looking man…in a straight way.

As always, the best part of the wedding is the reception which was held in one of the side banquet rooms. There was about four other weddings taking place so it was definitely packed.

It was good to see a bunch of old friends again. This was one of the best seating arrangements that I’ve had in a while and our table was a lot of fun. Too much fun in fact… as people probably thought we were completely drunk as we were making toasts every few minutes to everything and anything we could think of. We started toasting to people who weren’t even at the wedding and then started toasting to people who didn’t even exist yet. Other people started making their way over to our table because I was there we were enjoying ourselves so much, but I quickly kicked them out to maintain our table chemistry. Yes, messed up. But somebody had to do it.

DJ and Mojo can’t keep their bodies off of each other. Gross.

The godfather approved of the wedding.

The radioactive cupcakes were delicious. I have a picture of me with it all over my face but I won’t post that on the interweb because of the reputation that I have to maintain.

187 on the dance floor.

JYou acting way too cool for the camera.

Overall, a great wedding and good time. I should start bringing my camera to more weddings to take pictures of single ladies capture priceless memories.

Until next time, Cheers.


This is not only an update on my post, but also an extension of Angela’s maid of honor speech. I too have a fun story to share of Anita. This story took place when I was a freshman in college, and she was a sophomore.

We just finished eating dinner in the dorm cafeteria and were walking back with our group of friends. I don’t remember who the third person was, but it was me in the middle, Anita to my left and someone else to my right as we walked down the sidewalk in our trips formation. Well, at this moment I was talking to the person on my right and I heard a loud clunk to my left. As I turned my head…Anita was gone! Then I looked behind me to see Anita rubbing her head with a sour expression on her face. She had walked into a stop sign because she was paying attention to our conversation instead of where she was walking.

The lesson here is not always pay attention to where you are walking, but it’s when you take a stroll after dinner, always wear a helmet.


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June 1, 2011 at 1:00 am

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