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End Of The World

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Oops. Apparently the rapture did not take place this past weekend…

Back to work then…Happy Monday =(

Update: 11am

I found his calculations online:

What kind of serious mathematician does their calculations in sharpie? C’mon now…

Harold Camping apparently went to UC Berkeley…which further proves my theory that the majority of people who go there are crazy. (or happy)

Sucks.. so it also seems that some of Harold Camping’s followers spent their life savings or maxed out their credit cards before the weekend and now they’re stuck with the consequences. One took a trip a family trip to the grand canyon and another took his life savings to put up hundreds of billboards around New York. Now that really sucks.

The person taking it the hardest is poor old Harold. Cheer up dude. We all make mistakes. It’s not the end of the world…

Instead, here’s a calculation that makes real sense:


Written by jonewantsm3

May 23, 2011 at 1:00 am

Posted in Church, Rant

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