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Bathroom Mishap

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Friday the friggin 13th…

Everything was going well today until just after lunch when I suffered yet another bathroom misfortune.

I called a vendor asking for more information and they replied that they would call me back in a few minutes. Sweet, I thought, I have a few minutes to go to the bathroom real quick. This should not take any longer than a couple minutes, so I make my way to the bathroom, close the door and unzip.

Then just as I am about to open up my floodgates, my work phone starts ringing. Dang it! (I actually said that out loud and I think everybody outside heard me…) I quickly pinch myself and use my free hand to look who was calling me at such inconvenient time. The vendor is calling me back so quick? Cruuud…that was fast! And this was an important call…what should I do?

With both of my hands full, I had to come up with a quick decision. Should I…

A. Take the call and hold it in?
B. Take the call and just pee hoping that she won’t hear me?
C. Hang up and call her back?
D. Take the call and screw professionalism… I need to go!?

The decision was quick and I thought that I’ll just call her back after I’m done doing my more important business. I figured to just tell her that I was busy so I missed the first call. I clipped the phone back on my hip, press the button on top to stop the ringing and then resumed my actions.



I was so surprised I almost wet everything in front of me…walls, toilet and floor…luckily I didn’t. Apparently, I hit speaker phone on top of my phone instead of the mute key. I quickly turned the phone off and hoped that she didn’t hear anything. Well, what happened happened.

Great way to start the weekend.


Written by jonewantsm3

May 13, 2011 at 1:43 pm

Posted in Rant

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