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Interactions With My Boss

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Story 1: Lock In

I showed up to work  one morning and saw this on my desk:

What the heck is this?

I went to ask my boss what this was and he tells me that it was used to help him escape from the office last night. What? Apparently, I locked my boss in the office on my way out the night before. We both have been working really late and I left about half an hour before he did. Our office trailer sits on a construction site so we lock a metal bar in front of the door as well… kind of like one of those beams in front of castle door type things.

He had to duct tape the key to this device and reach out of the door crack to unlock the metal beam that was preventing him from opening the door.

Johnny Sideburns: You could have called me and I would have turned back to unlock it.
Boss: Yeah but this was more fun. I could have called the mechanic…he was about 200 feet away but I didn’t want to call him either…
JS: What? Why not?
Boss: Pride

There was a slight pause.

JS: So how long did it take you?
Boss: That’s not important, what’s important is that I got out in the end and…
JS: How long did it take you?
Boss: um… 45 mins….

Story 2: MS Excel

I went to my boss’ office to go over a spreadsheet we were looking at.

He inserted a row and then started hitting “F4” and it added more rows. I had no idea you could do that.

JS: Whoa! What button did you press to get it to add all those rows like that?
Boss: What? You didn’t know that trick?!?
JS: No…
Boss: Finally!
JS: What?

Then he yells out loudly in the office.

Boss: Did anybody else hear that!? I finally showed him something that he didn’t know how to do on the computer! Haha! Anybody? No? C’mon!…
JS: Is that a racial thing…because I’m… you know…
Boss: Um, let’s get back to this spreadsheet

Story 3: Vacation Request

So I am maxed out on vacation hours and thought it to be a good idea to take a couple days off to burn some of them. I walk into my boss’ office to double check if those days are good.

JS: Hey, am I going to be able to take vacation days that one week next month?
Boss: Um… let me check… because I’m taking some vacation days that week too.
JS: Oh great…
Boss: Alright, you’re good. Yeah, you’re taking it in the beginning of the week and I’ll be taking mine later in the week so we’re good. And plus, I’m taking a couple days before that weekend to prepare for the wedding.
JS: Oh yeah, that’s the weekend of your wedding. How’s the planning coming along?
Boss: I’m kinda just letting her do whatever she wants… you going to be able to make it?
JS: Of course. Oh yeah, I forgot to send in my RSVP… when are those due?
Boss: Today…
JS: Oh…yeah I’ve already filled it out, I just have to …you know…mail it in…

I just completely blatantly lied to my boss and we both knew it. I started laughing really hard.

Boss: …yeaah… sure…

I continue laughing and in the back of my mind I’m thinking, dang it…I really hope I can find that invitation when I get home tonight! Then my boss hits me with this:

Boss: Yes…and what about that one report due tomorrow? Did you finish it yet?
JS: The report? Oh yeah it’s finished… I just have to…you know… review it again…
Boss: …yeaah… just like the RSVP right?
JS: Yup… just like the …dammit

I stop laughing.

Boss: Okay, now let’s back up a bit. Why did you come into my office again?…Oh yes, to request vacation days?
JS: Yea, well, I mean… I’ll get it to you later. It’s not a big deal.

I walk out of his office and facepalm myself. Fraargh

[End Scene]

As you can tell, I keep things exciting int he workplace. Happy Friday.


Written by jonewantsm3

April 8, 2011 at 1:00 am

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