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M&M Blue: A Love Story

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Seven years ago in one of my first blog posts ever, I wrote a story about a little boy named M&M Jones. That story not only was my first major stepping stone into the world of blogging but it also showed my friends (and interweb readers) just what a big friggin dork I was. Nonetheless, many people enjoyed that story so much that they have even remembered the details of it to this day. Some have even requested a follow up story or a sequel that I have never had time to produce…until recently.

The new story is one about love and romance, about anger and jealousy and revenge, it’s filled with suspense and action… and maybe comedy. I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you would like to compare it something the Coen Brothers could produce, you would be pretty spot on.

And now with great joy, I present to you the story of M&M Blue:

This is Blue. He’s a M&M. He lives in the chill San Diego town of Encinitas and loves to surf and read blogs. He’s an average dude…not the tallest or best looking but he’s a good M&M with a good M&M heart…and by heart I mean peanut.

This is Green. Blue’s best friend. They grew up together and as you can see, he’s taller, more fit, and of course all the ladies dig him. While Blue is more introvert, Green has no problem meeting and talking to new people.

One day, Green came up to Blue and told him of a party going on that night. Hesitant at first, Green finally persuaded Blue to meet the new friends that were going to be at the party. After all, Blue did like meeting new people and making new friends.

Later that night, Blue showed up at the party by himself hoping to find his friend Green.

Dude you made it!” said Green as he saw Blue walking in.

They then went around talking to new people, meeting new M&Ms and having a good time.

They mingled all night long. They met some chill people, danced a bit, had a few good drinks and were having a blast. They had already been there for hours just having a blast and chillin with new friends. Blue was definitely having a great time and felt the night could not get any better.

Then she showed up…

Yellow arrived to the party late. She was invited by Green as well but spent most of the night deciding whether or not to actually show up to the party. After sitting on her bed wearing sweatpants, eating ice cream, and watching Arrested Development reruns for an hour, she decided to not be pathetic and go out and be social. The instant Blue caught a glimpse of her, he knew he had to talk to her. He noticed that she was talking with Green and his group of friends so he planned to somehow make it over to their conversation circle and get to know her…

He made it.

Hi, I’m Blue,” he introduced himself.
Hi, I’m Yellow.
“You’re hot”
“I’m so glad you’re not a fat chick”
You’re very pretty” he said and they both knew that they had made a good connection.

They talked all night. They danced with each other. They felt it was a good fit and they were both definitely happy that they decided to come to the party after all.

At the end of the night, they left together and Blue walked her home.

I really had a great time tonight,” said Yellow.
Me too,” replied Blue.

He really wanted to see her again and was about to ask her out when he remembered that girls like confident guys. He remembered reading this on an awesome blog not so long ago…so instead of asking her on a date, he told her, “I’d like to take you out to dinner and movie sometime,” And she agreed.

Blue took Yellow on a series of dates over the next few weeks. They were a very compatible couple and had a lot of fun. They were able to be open and talk to one another and enjoyed each others company.

He took her to go watch a Disney Pixar movie which she thoroughly enjoyed.

He took her to a classy restaurant…

…and they went to the beach in the evening and enjoyed the sunset.

They were so digging each other. Blue walked Yellow home that night and dropped her off at her front door. He kissed her goodnight and then turned to walk home.

As he walked home that night, still starry-eyed from another awesome date, contemplating whether she was the one, he did not realize that he was walking straight into trouble. He bumped into Orange and his gang of friends.

Orange was a punk. He was a jealous guy who was angry at Blue ever since the night of the party. He was bitter inside that Blue had the courage to talk to Yellow and took her on a few dates. Orange was secretly in love with Yellow since the night of the party (see flashback picture above) and was now cowardly confronting Blue about it. When they were at the party, they were all in the same group, but Orange was just too chicken to talk to Yellow. In fact, you could call him Orange Chicken if you really wanted to. (ha…see what I did there…?)

Blue told Orange to get over it and Orange snapped. He swung at Blue but Blue dodged his chicken punch and countered with a gnarly blow to the shell. Orange was out for the count but now Blue had to face his other buddies…

His buddies surrounded him. Blue had nowhere to run. One of Orange’s buddies pulled him to safety and when he was a good distance away, he turned and screamed, “make him pay!!…

And his friends beat the snot out of Blue. It was an unfair fight… Blue had no chance against four other thugs.

They took turns punching his shell and enjoyed taking advantage of a helpless Blue.

This will teach you to mess with us next time!” they yelled at him.
I didn’t do anything to you guys though…” whimpered Blue.
…oh yea? …well…shaddup!” they replied and hit him even harder.

When they were finally satisfied, they left him in the middle of the street…broken and his nut exposed.

As he laid beaten and broken, he was confused to why anybody would commit such an act of violence against him. He was such a nice guy. He looked around and saw nobody around who could help him. Unable to move, his will was weakening and he was slowly slipping away into unconsciousness. Then at the very last second he saw something yellow out of the corner of his eye…

Oh my! What have they done to you?” cried Yellow.
I’ll be okay baby now that you’re here…” said Blue… who, in his near-unconscious and delirious state of mind, still managed to be super cheesy towards the love of his life.
Let’s get you home!” and Yellow brought Blue back into her house and took care of him.

She put him in bed and wrapped him up and tended to his wounds. By this time, Blue was completely out of energy and fell asleep. This just isn’t right, thought Yellow, I must do something about it.

The next morning, Blue awoke to see that Yellow was sitting next to his bed. He was feeling whole again (see picture) and thanked Yellow for saving his life.

I can’t believe you stayed next to my bed the entire night,” said Blue.
Well, I didn’t really stay here all night. I had some business to take care of…” replied Yellow sheepishly.
Business? What business…?” asked Blue.
Unfinished business…” answered Yellow… with a slightly menacing twinkle in her eye.

You see, after Blue passed out on the bed, Yellow had to do something about Orange. She knew what a creep he was and knew he was responsible for this ordeal. She decided to confront him that very night after she made sure Blue was going to be okay.

She found the group down the road. They were trying to make Orange feel better and going over and over again how they had just beat the crap out of Blue. They did not even see Yellow until she got really close. She approached them boldly.

What you did was horrible, and you’re going to pay for it.” said Yellow.
Pay for it? How’s that?…are you going to call the cops on us?” challenged Orange. But he and his group of friends were stupid enough to not look behind them…

No, no cops.” replied Yellow. “I don’t want the cops involved on this one…

Then as she turned and walked away, they realized how screwed they were.

As the yellow M&Ms surrounded Orange and his group of friends. They knew they were in for a world of hurt.

Then the hurt began.

There was not much left of Orange and his group after the Asians yellow M&Ms were done with them. Orange and his group of friends had to learn the hard way to never mess with yellow M&Ms…similar to some racist blonde girl a couple weeks ago…

Business? What business…?” asked Blue.
Unfinished business…” answered Yellow. “But it’s all taken care of now.

It was at this moment that Blue realized that she was the one. “Will you marry me?” “Hey. Let’s get married.” She agreed. Because he was a confident guy.

They got married the next day. Green was the best man. There was lots of fun, food, dancing and crying all at the same time. You know… normal wedding stuff.

And so they started their new life together. And started to grow their family.

And they had a big family. And their kids were obviously green because yellow and blue mixed is green.

The End.

Blue M&M as himself
Green M&M as himself
Yellow M&M as herself
Orange M&M as himself

Bed Post as party scene, date scenes, street fight and wedding

Also, a big shout out to the party size 42oz bag of M&Ms who so graciously satisfied my M&M addiction. I have somehow managed to eat all of you in a matter of four days.

A Few Notes:

1. I ate about 200 M&Ms during this production alone.
2. There may be ants crawling all over my bed sheets right now.
3. I think maybe I am finally ready to admit that I have an M&M problem.
4. I also think that I finally realize why I am still single…

Until next time. Cheers.

Written by jonewantsm3

March 28, 2011 at 1:00 am

Posted in Rant

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  1. this is impressive storyboarding! loved it!


    April 12, 2011 at 9:34 pm

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