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Infirmary Box

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Yesterday, two friends of mine were surrounded by sick people at their workplace. Being the females that they are, they decided to bring cutesy medical masks to shield them from the onslaught of any airborne viral attacks.

Photos have been altered to protect the identity of the healthy…

I have a passion of hating on people who get other people sick. Okay sorry, that came off a bit strong. How about… I have no care in the world about the well-being of people who get others sick and harbor evil intentions against them. If you are sick and you do not have the courtesy to detract yourself from society and other healthy humans, then I’m talking about you. I vaguely remember posting on that a while back…

Anyway, in my overwhelming kindness, I decided to come up with a better solution for my friends at work. Here it is:

I’m not only the Infirmary Box inventor/CEO/president/model, I’m also an iBox customer.

I present to you the next big health product about the sweep the universe: The Infirmary Box.

The iBox 2011 protects you from any contact with airborne viruses, rubbing of the eyeballs after touching a sick coworker, or any residual spray from a douche who can’t cover a cough properly. Made out of highly flexible and durable shipping cardboard, this thing doubles as head protection from falling or flying objects weighting less than 1/10 lbs.

The iBox is a multi-purpose gadget useful in many situations such as afternoon naps, bright lights and shielding ugly people.

Please contact me if you have any inquiries regarding the purchasing of this product. Three easy payments of $49.99 will get you the latest technology to keep you healthy. Each iBox is custom made when ordered and is guaranteed to be .999% effective against swine flus, SARS and earthquakes or your money back if I haven’t spent it yet.

Happy Friday


Written by jonewantsm3

January 28, 2011 at 1:00 am

Posted in Rant

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