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Item 100: Fisheye For Fleece

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I’m switching out the UCLA Lacrosse fleece for the new fisheye lens I just purchased.

I got a Rokinon 8mm Fisheye for my Canon which I immediately had too much fun with this weekend. Because of my 1.6x crop on my camera, I decided to go 8mm to get a good curve on the fisheye effect, and I could not be happier with my decision.

Here’s the exchange:

Fisheye Lens for UCLA Fleece

The scarf that I switched out last time was immediately put to use which made me really happy that I made that decision. When I brought it to Fill-A-Belly last week, there was a man specifically looking for a scarf so I handed him mine. Later that night, I saw him eating his soup with his brand new scarf and it was really nice moment.

And now, we move on to my rant:

It’s been amazing to see the positive effects of kindness to help others  in need. I’m not talking about myself, but rather referring to the weekly efforts of a group of people I help volunteer with. The homies are genuinely happy for the warm food and good company as you can easily see it in their faces every week.  They eat until they’re full, are extremely thankful and that’s it. They don’t take extra clothes “just in case” and they don’t stash food away in every pocket to save for later on.  Even when I encourage  them to take an extra piece of clothing for the night, they turn me down most of the time because someone else may need it more. The group of homies I see every week continually remind me that while they don’t have a lot of stuff, they really don’t need a lot to be happy in life.

Also, in the few short weeks that I’ve been on this 100 thing journey, the opportunities to bless other people  have been pouring in. To me, this helps to confirm that this decision was the right choice and I hope that more opportunities come. The idea of having less should be appealing to most people as many people I’ve talked to feel like they’re enslaved to their spending habits. But for whatever reason, we feel the need to own more and have the latest and greatest whatever. And I’m not just talking about our consumer habits.

Like everybody else,  I recognize this weakness inside me yet I still jump at the next opportunity to find satisfaction in the most temporary things. Does that not show how broken we are as people?  The issue runs way deeper than any material item or medicine can fix. We recognize the problem…yet we can’t shake ourselves free. We obviously need something to save us from all the junk and from ourselves.  And I strongly believe that no matter how trapped or enslaved or restricted something is, it can always be set free. And this freedom can only come from one place. Think about it.

Ha! How we got from the fisheye to this topic… eludes me. But here’s a video from Fill-A-Belly to make up for my ADHD. Next time I’ll just have to…


Written by jonewantsm3

January 25, 2011 at 1:00 am

Posted in 100 Things, Rant

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