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Item 49: Cleats For Scarf

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Yesterday, I had to pick up a pair of cleats for a flag football tournament coming up. This normally quick transaction became extremely difficult yesterday the second I walked into the store. I have always worn Nike Speed D cleats for the past ten years of sports from high school football, college lacrosse, and playing lacrosse overseas. If I need new cleats, it was a simple ritual of going into the store, walking straight to the shoe, grabbing my size and color, and walking out a happy customer (or custom made for me). However, my decision became a lot more difficult this time around with frugality on mind and the knowledge that I have to stay under 100 items.

Should I go with a different brand that is a lot cheaper?
What item do I need to get rid of to make room for the cleats?
Was I going to keep the shoe after the tournament or sell/give it away?
Maybe I can play in running shoes…?

In the end, I stuck with the same shoe because I was self conscious of my performance on the football field and did not want to suck. Was this a wise investment? I say yes and no. Yes, because I know that this shoe has been reliable to me for the past ten years and I know what to expect performance-wise out of this shoe. No, because I feel like I was rushed in my decision. I was late for the first practice and needed to buy a shoe on the fly, I should have taken the time to do more comparisons and probably could have been equally satisfied with a cheaper shoe. At least I can learn from this first exchange of items and remember that I should better manage purchases in the future. Lesson learned.

Part two of the situation is to pick which item I want to replace with my new football cleats. I decided to go with the scarf for a couple reasons. First, I have a neck buff which keeps my neck a lot warmer and the second reason is that I really don’t need this item at all. I only justify keeping it because it’s the clothing item to wear in the wintertime and in San Diego our winters are weaksauce.

So, here’s the exchange:

Hello cleats, goodbye scarf!

Additional News:

Giving items away. This has actually proved to be somewhat liberating and entertaining. This past weekend I brought a handful of DVD movies to give away to three of my female friends. The simple exchange soon turned out to a scene in Anchorman where Brick killed a guy. Soon two other friends got involved in movie stealing, movie hiding and name calling. Another person who didn’t request any movies left with a few as well. This was very satisfying.

Famous San Diego dude with 100 thing challenge. Apparently, there is a guy in San Diego who wrote a book on the 100 Thing Challenge he did back a while ago. Although he isn’t the first, he’s the one who decided to write a book on it and make money from his experience. Another friend suggested that I do this, but after seeing this guy featured in the news this morning… that idea is scratched.

Anybody need a new scarf?

Until next time. Cheers.


Written by jonewantsm3

January 10, 2011 at 1:00 am

Posted in 100 Things

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