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100 Things Challenge Begins

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The past couple of weeks have been hectic in my decision making skills of what to keep and what to give away, but I finally did it! It is a bit surreal of how many clothes, furniture and other things I gave away and to be honest…I can’t even remember some of the stuff I gave away. And while it has been rough the past couple of weeks, I’ve received lots of encouragement from friends to press on and offer their support in many ways including taking things that I give them. The best encouragement actually came from a book written by Richard J Foster called Celebration of Discipline. My buddy handed it to me and told me to read a chapter and it blew my mind. There are two quotes I’d like to share real quick before I get to the good part of discussing the 100 items I decided to keep.

“To attempt to arrange an outward life-style of simplicity without the inward reality leads to deadly legalism.”

This quote serves as a fair warning for me to remain focused on my goal of living in simplicity. Without an honest assessment of why I am doing this, I only fool myself into thinking I am becoming a better person for doing this. I need to be real with myself and remind myself time and time again that this change needs to start inside and will manifest itself in outward action.

“It is time to awaken to the fact that conformity to a sick society is to be sick

I am blown away with this truth. How easy it is to recognize the lies that society throws at us and yet our natural tendency is to conform to the patterns of this fallen world. It reveals how broken people really are in their cravings for materials when we all know that happiness isn’t found in another credit card transaction. I need to continually remind and challenge myself to not fit into a world system that I know does not have the best intentions for me.

Anyway, those were just a couple of thoughts on my mind these past couple of days…and since this is the initial post of all my items, I’ll give a quick summary of the 100 items I decided to start off with:

1. Truck – 2003 Tacoma. Four door. Sexy Beast.
2. Electric Guitar – Gibson Les Paul. I use this mainly for church.
3. Acoustic Guitar – Martin acoustic. I use this mainly for the ladies.
4. Electric Amp – Line6 Flextone III Amp. I’ve had this for years and it’s been on a few tours with me.
5. Cell Phone – Blackberry Curve that is perfect for me. I use it so I can text while I drive… (kidding!)

6. Wallet – It’s one of those flat leather ones so one cheek does not look bigger than the other.
7. Passport – I need this if I want to travel.
8. Shortboard – Nezzy board from local Oceanside shaper. I picked it up from the dude who glassed it.
9. Wetsuit – O’neill Psycho 2 makes me feel like I’m in the ocean naked and free. The way I like it.
10. Booties – O’neill booties because I am a wimp during the winter time.

11. DSLR + lens – Canon Xsi with 50mm f/1.8. Getting back into it since I don’t have lots of crap anymore.
12. Lens – Canon 24-70mm f/2.8. So far this has been living up to its reputation.
13. Camera Bag – LowePro bag to keep my DSLR and lenses safe
14. Digital Camera – Panasonic DMC-ZS3 which is amazing. Great for when I can’t bring the DSLR
15. Travel Backpack – It’s been all over the world. A flag sticker goes on every time I visit a new country.

16. Daypack – REI backpack great for camping, the beach, or shoplifting. Kidding.
17. Beach Chair – Chargers chair which I have a feeling this may not stay on this list too long.
18. Tent – For when I feel adventurous and want to go camping.
19. Sleeping Bag – For those times when I am without a bed.
20. Travel Mug – From my English host family. It’s kept me warm many cold mornings.

21. Contacts – Otherwise I’d be blind during the daytime
22. Glasses – Got tricked into buying an expensive Dolce & Gobbana, but at least I look good…
23. Toothbrush – So I don’t have stank breath when I talk to the ladies…
24. Razor – To shave the few hairs that my Asian chin can sprout
25. Nalgene Bottle – To hydrate myself throughout the day

26. MP3 Player – Zune 80GB. Lots better than iPod in my opinion.
27. Portable HD – I don’t have a lot on it, but I would cry if I lost all my music…
28. Computer – So I can blog about my life
29. Flip Flops – I cannot be a true San Diegan without a pair
30. Dress Shoes – For nice events

31. Walking Shoes – Mostly wear these on the weekends when I don’t wear my flip flops
32. Work Boots – I need these for when I’m out on the construction sites
33. Running Shoes – These serve as my gym shoes as well
34. Hat – I plan to grow out my hair… this will help me hide it kind of.
35. Beanie – Been with me through Europe. Keeps my brain warm and functioning.

36. Grey Suit – H&M cheap summer suit. Tailored to a great fit though.
37. Black Suit – Calvin Klein. My first nice suit I bought for myself also tailored to fit.
38. Gym Bag – To keep my clothes from touching inside the scummy lockers at the gym.
39. Blurays – Movies that I couldn’t get rid of
40. TV – Samsung 52″ 1080p 240hz. I may downgrade in the future but this is a nice TV.

41. PS3 – For my blurays mostly and for the occassional game that I never play
42. NIV Bible – The holy Word of God
43. NKJV Bible -The holy Word of God like I would imagine English people reading it.
44. Books (5) – I’ll swap books in and out when I finish and need new ones.
45. Bible Study – A book study on the gospel of John. Probably going to take me all year.

46. Belt – So my suit pants don’t fall down
47. Earrings – I use this because I’m scared to have my piercings close up. I know. I’m stupid.
48. Buff – Keep my neck warm
49. Scarf – Keep my neck warm… but I have a feeling this is gone soon since I have the buff.
50. Toiletry Bag – To keep my bathroom junk in check

51. Master Lock – To protect my clothes and gym bag from thieving gymsters.
52. Towel – UCLA Towel for surfing and the beach
53. Laundry Basket – My sister fell asleep sitting in it once. I don’t know how she did it.
54. Underwear (10) – Fruit of the Loom. Mmm… delicious.
55. Ties (5) – Kept the best ones and gave the rest away

56. Undershirt (10)
57. Socks (10)
58. T Shirt – H&M Loose shirt
59. T Shirt – Foals
60. T Shirt – STX Lacrosse…many more lacrosse clothes to come

61. T Shirt – Kokua Music
62. T Shirt – Westside Lacrosse
63. T Shirt – UCLA Lacrosse
64. T Shirt – Quicksilver
65. T Shirt – Chargers

66. T Shirt – Random gift from a friend
67. T Shirt – Baseball T
68. T Shirt – Johns Hopkins Lacrosse
69. T Shirt – H&M Loose shirt
70. T Shirt – Workout shirt

71. T Shirt – Hillsong United
72. Long Shirt – Waffle Henley
73. Long Shirt – Flannel
74. Polo Shirt (2) – Black Polo, Red Stripe Polo

75. Polo Shirt (2) – Black H&M, Green Express
76. Polo Shirt (2) – Stripes Eddie Bauer, Argyle Banana Republic
77. Polo Shirt (2) – Oatmeal H&M, Green H&M

78. Polo Shirt (2) – Blue Express, Grey H&M
79. Shorts – Khaki Cargo Shorts
80. Shorts – Stripes Cargo Shorts

81. Shorts – Swim Trunks
82. Shorts – UCLA Lacrosse
83. Shorts – UCLA Lacrosse
84. Shorts – UCLA Lacrosse
85. Dress Shirt (2) – Light Blue Express, White Express

86. Dress Shirt (2) – Light Purple Stripes Banana Republic, Blue Pink Stripes J Crew
87. Pants (2) – Khakis Banana Republic, Jeans Gap

88. Pants (2) – Jeans Express
89. Pants (2) – Dark Grey Express, Brown Banana Republic
90. Jacket – Light Black Jacket from Banana Republic

91. Jacket – Light Rain Jacket from The North Face. Got this in England and its unbelievable
92. Coat – Buffalo Check pattern from a store I’m embarrassed to mention I bought it from
93. Sweater – Grey Cardigan H&M
94. Sweater – Black Wool Cardigan H&M
95. Sweater – Brown Stripes Kangol

96. Hoodie – UCLA Lacrosse
97. Hoodie – Red Prague hoodie from the Czech Republic
98. Hoodie – Grey Kangol Zip
99. Fleece – Black The North Face that I usually wear to work
100. Fleece – Blue UCLA Lacrosse that I should wear more often

If you made it this far, I have tons of respect for you. I almost didn’t finish this post because I got sick and tired of looking at my stuff. I’ll track items as they change and hopefully I can keep this up for the entire year! Also, you can always see my up-to-date list on my 100 Things page to the right side column.

Until next year. Cheers!


Written by jonewantsm3

December 30, 2010 at 1:58 am

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  1. Dude…you’re keeping me too, ya? 🙂


    December 30, 2010 at 2:22 am

  2. Johnny, I love that you did this!!!!! What a great way to start off 2011. I have a ridiculous amount of stuff in my life and I really would love to simplify – reading this post definitely encouraged me! You did it- so maybe I can too! Thanks man. It totally made me smile to see that you still have that shirt too!!

    a friend

    December 30, 2010 at 5:35 am

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