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Spiderman Musical

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Spiderman ranks as number two on my list of two favorite comic book superheros. The best superhero in my opinion is Batman to whom I’ve been a fan since childhood. He teaches kids that if you have all the money in the world, you too can do anything you want in life…including buying costumes and gadgets to make yourself a BA superhero.

So I heard about this Spiderman musical earlier this year and thought that it was going to be a flop. The recent sneak reviews show me that I’m not far off my initial assumptions. But maybe we can salvage the musical. I mean, it can’t be as bad as the movie Spiderman 3 (which I gave a grade of F ∞). I have some ideas to fix the musical:

1. Replace U2’s musical score with an awesome band like Kings of Leon. Then it would just be a rad concert instead of guys prancing around in costumes.

2. Turn the musical into a McDonald’s themed musical. Change Spiderman to Ronald McDonald and Green Goblin to the Hamburglar. The stage setup for Oscorp Lab could be turned into a giant playground area. People would leave the musical hungry for McDonald’s and maybe stop at one on their way home. Bam! More money in your corporate pockets. I obviously get 10% if this works.

3. I really can’t take a guy seriously when he looks like he has banana bunches hanging off his arms and a pineapple for a head…

4. Or just rename the Green Goblin to the grinch who stole Christmas… then you have a rad Christmas musical of Spiderman vs the Grinch.

5. Or rename him the Queen of the Plants… and have him dance for 2 hours. I duno I’m running out of ideas and this one made no sense. Or just play these dancing Spiderman gifs.

If any directors/editors/producers of the musical read my blog, please consider my suggestions. I believe they will save your musical and make it really good.

But not nearly as good as James Franco’s pie in Spiderman 3:

So good.

Written by jonewantsm3

December 2, 2010 at 1:00 am

Posted in Rant

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  1. Ahahahaha. I LOVE the .GIFs!!!


    December 6, 2010 at 6:34 pm

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