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It’s Decembrrrrr…

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It’s December and its friggin cold! La Niña…you’re killing me…

So I’ve got thirty one more days left to get myself down to 100 items. It’s been just over a month since I’ve decided to start on this journey and I’ll give a little update on what’s going on in this thick head of mine.

Overall, things are going well. I am cutting down on a lot of things that I don’t need and it’s definitely been a relief to cut ties with many things that I used to think I could not live without. To be honest, there were so many pieces of clothes that I wore every once in a while just because I had to justify owning or keeping them in my t-shirt lineup. Or there were things that I would not throw away because I thought to myself you never know when you may need it. Well, it turns out that most of the time when I needed it, I couldn’t find it and then I bought a new one. Go figure…

1. Consolidating. This past Thanksgiving was one of the first times I did not buy anything from all those crazy Black Friday sales they have. I admit there were times when I was tempted to pull the trigger on something but refrained myself. I need to be aware not to double up on something or feel the need to upgrade when I don’t need to. The big item that I’m looking for right now is a new short board once I sell the three short boards that I currently have. While it’s nice to add to my froth bone collection, a quiver with one arrow is really all I need especially since I haven’t touched the other two boards in over a year. I need to identify items with multiples and consider whether I need them all or consolidate to one item.

2. Tracking my 100 items. It’s getting harder and harder to track what is on my list and keeping a tab on what I want to hold on to and what I want to give away. It doesn’t help that I am living at home and my mom snoops around my stuff all day while I’m out. For example, I came home and she was wearing one of my beanies that I was going to donate. Not cool. Another time she tried to take some of my scarves that were for donation because they were cute. Cute? Ugh. Definitely donating those. Then the other day I came home and was about to empty the change in my pockets into my Gatorade change bottle when I saw not one but two jars with coins on my desk. One jar had silver coins and one had pennies. Apparently while I was at work, my mom felt the need to segregate my coins and remove the pennies from the hodgepodge of coins.  Now have an extra jar item to deal with. Cheers mom. +1 item.

While it’s getting harder to decide between certain items, on a rare occasion the decision is simply effortless. For example, I had two beanies that I really liked but felt like I should keep only one of them. One was a skull cap beanie from Airwalk (yes, that Airwalk) and another was a beanie/hat looking thing. I eventually picked the beanie/hat but it was not my decision. Morgan, my half-monkey half-puppy hybrid, made the decision for me when I found the Airwalk beanie all chewed up in the bushes a few days later. I honestly have no idea how she got it but I’m sure it was the half-monkey side of her.

Morgan the decision maker. Eating peanut butter out of her Kong.

3. Plateau. The fire and intensity and motivation that I had in the beginning is dwindling. I’m not saying I’m not motivated, but rather that it’s just not as strong. Getting super comfortable at home probably has a big part to do with it and also maybe that I’m a world class procrastinator and I will wait until the last second to make final cuts. But while I find myself in a funk with the 100 items, there are still many opportunities opening up throughout the week to help someone out. I find myself being a lot more sensitive to recognizing and responding to people who are in need when I see them during the day.

4. Response. I am truly thankful for good friends who have reached out and encouraged me on this journey. I feel very fortunate that people are comfortable opening up to me and sharing their thoughts. It’s been great to speak to my buddy in Iraq who has been thinking about this idea of living simply for the past year. There was another friend who I haven’t really talked to in a couple years and she mentioned that it was something she would look into doing as well. I think we live in a time and place where we are a lot richer and better off than we realize. The problem is…we just don’t realize it.

5. Pride. Along with the praise and encouragement from friends… the man pride kicks in at times and I easily give myself more credit than I deserve. I don’t like the spot light or being the center of attention or whatever. But when people ask me where the clothes are being donated to and I respond with a super righteous answer of, “the homeless ministry I volunteer at,” I can’t help but wonder if that person thinks I’m bragging or showing off. Look at me, I’m so generous. Don’t get me wrong, I do feel a sense of pride to be doing what I am but my natural tendency is to think more highly of myself. I want to inspire others but need to remind myself that I am only one of the smaller parts to the bigger picture.

So that’s it… a little glimpse of what goes on in my mind. It’s not much I know. Five things that it…

As we jump into December and the holiday time comes around I really think this is the best time of the year. Friends and family get together. NFL Playoffs are around the corner and college basketball is firing up. Hot Chocolate with cream, marshmallows and cinnamon sticks. Bigger winter swells. Christmas trees and gifts. Giving gifts and helping people out and seeing their reactions…

The best time of the year is here. Take advantage of it.

Until next time. Cheers.


Written by jonewantsm3

December 1, 2010 at 1:00 am

Posted in 100 Things

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  1. i almost choked on the cereal i’m eating just now reading about your mom. she’s just as funny as you. or maybe it’s because you’re funny and and you’re writing about her. i don’t know. i just know i was laughing really hard.


    December 8, 2010 at 3:35 pm

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