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This word comes from the combomixing of two great words: uber and overwhelmed.

A lot has been going on the past couple weeks and that is exactly how I feel. Uberwhelmed. I haven’t exactly had great access to the internet as one of my computers is packed up and waiting for the next craigslist buyer to step in and take it. But anyway, here’s the lengthy update:

1. I sold a lot more stuff and am still cutting down my clothes to give away. From my last update, I sold my longboard, kayak, xbox, another bookshelf, some mirrors, a table, digital camera and a few other items. While some items were tougher to sell than others but I can honestly say that I am definitely not missing any of these items right now. It’s good to have a peace about what I’m doing and letting go of these possessions that I thought were uber-important (obviously from the combomix of uber and important). Also, some other people who help out at the homeless ministry have started bringing clothes to hand out which is great to see other people taking the same initiative too.

2. I helped lead worship at The Rock church down in Point Loma a couple Sundays ago. I was unsure whether or not to actually do it as I had so much going on but in the end I figured that it was a rare opportunity. I figured that life is always going to be busy so you might as well do the things you enjoy, especially if it’s jamming with a good friends of yours. In the end it was a really gnarly experience and they do such a great job of being hospitable to their guest musicians. It was also the first time I played five services in one day! I don’t even think the words coming out of my mouth were making sense anymore towards the end of the day.

3. Okay so this is the biggest update. Let’s jump straight to it… I got my condo rented out and the tenants moved in yesterday. Seriously, a couple weeks back I prayed for tenants and the next day a girl showed up to look at my place and ended up being the right fit. It was uber-ridiculous because I felt like God seriously that was way too fast…I’m not even completely moved out yet! But it was a good motivator to get my stuff out and finish my fireplace remodel. It’s really exciting to see God moving in a powerful way. I really have no other explanation for it other than God confirming that what I’m doing is part of His plans for me. It blows my mind how God has always come through for me in times of need. Totally rad dude.

I grouted the tile and finally built the mantle and surround

4. So because of the whole God’s rapid-timing-of-tenants situation thing… it forced me into a rapid move-all-my-junk-home situation. And this is where I can get in some trouble. Mother, who is anal retentive about cleanliness and order, is currently out of town and comes home in three days just in time for Thanksgiving and a house full of my crap. I have three days to determine my fate and how much nagging will occur the night of her return. This is what my parent’s normally clean house looks like right now:

This is the messy bedroom which mom will probably uber-nag me to death for ten minutes (please ignore my the teddy bear bedsheets…)

The living room filth where my mom will ask me where people will sit when they come over for Thanksgiving

The kitchen pileup where my mom will probably bust out the this is why you don’t have a girlfriend because you are so messy card. An uber low-blow. But at least she won’t be like my friend Fernanda in college when she grabbed a skillet and smacked me in the head on accident purpose.

Well, that’s the update. I’m still trying to cut down my items to 100. It’s getting tougher now that I’m getting closer and really having to think about what I really need and choosing between certain items. Maybe I’ll talk more about that in my next post.

Until next time. Cheers.

Update: Momzilla comes home in one hour and there has been absolutely zero improvement on the clutter situation. Let’s hope this is not my last blog update ever. Until next time. *Gulp*


Written by jonewantsm3

November 21, 2010 at 10:24 pm

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