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McRib Virgin No More

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The past few years I’ve been hearing this hype about a seasonal item that McDonald’s sells to fat Americans and unhealthy, lazy people worldwide; I’m talking about the McRib sandwich burger thing.

I must confess, I eat McDonald’s maybe twice or thrice a year, and it’s only because I have a craving for their fries or $1 soft serve cone on a hot day. I also recently watched the Super Size Me documentary on my Netflix just last month so I had no desire whatsoever to be dipping my feet into the filthy rivers of fast food anytime soon…especially a McDonald’s.

But curiosity always gets the best of me…and therefore I needed to try this sandwich. Everybody was talking about it. My brother told me about it the week before, the morning radio station talked about it for thirty minutes and people seemed to really genuinely love it. So earlier this week when my brother asked where we should go for dinner, I for whatever reason screamed out in a non-indoor voice, “McRib!!!” Although McRib is not an actual location, my brother got the idea and his smile showed me his agreement with my suggestion. The following is my experience with my first McRib:

Great presentation. They skimped me on the fries and the fountain soda mix was horrible and tasted like sweaty armpit but I was more interested in the contents of the box. I also have no idea why I bust out my Canon DSLR instead of just using the normal point and shoot. I guess a special occasion calls for a special camera. I took my first bite.

McDelicious, no…McLicious!

McParty on my Palate

McTangy on my Tastebuds

In a split nanosecond I could come up with a hundred other names that are super fitting for this sandwich. McAwesome Sandwich. I closed my eyes and took a second bite.  McFantasy Burger. I was all happiness and smiles. McTrue Happiness. I looked at my brother and said, “dude, this is McLicious.” He looked back at me with a weird stare and replied with a mouth full of food, “dude wwhhathefaaahyutaalkinaabout?”

I have no idea.

Final Thoughts: As good as it was (and yes, it was McGoodness…), I will not be going back to McDonald’s anytime soon simply because eating their stuff is equivalent to pumping fat into your arteries. I might was well bite into a stick of butter like my little sister did at Disney World in Orlando…only to have the white family next to us look at us Asians with complete shock and disgust. I do say this though, if you have never tried it, at least try it once because its by far the best thing on their menu.


Written by jonewantsm3

November 6, 2010 at 1:00 am

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