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The Spirit Of Giving

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Tuesday night I gave the first batch of clothes away and I must admit that it was roller coaster of emotions for me. As I stuck the clothes into the bags, a piece of clothing would catch my eye and I’d think to myself, wait a second…do I really want to give this shirt away?…it’s in perfect condition! I really fought back the urge to do some last second sorting and find something that I wanted to keep and ignore convincing myself that I would wear it in the near future when I knew I wouldn’t.

The idea of giving should never be to give someone something that has little or no value to you but rather something of worth and significance. Maybe that is why the act of giving these clothes away was so difficult because they were in great condition and I still would have worn them any day. Some of these items were gifts from good friends and some of them were purchased with friends on road trips or when I visited another city…these clothes had a lot more worth to me than I realized, but at the same time I did not want to donate something that I would normally throw away or in poor condition. That’s not the right way to give.

Luckily, in the end I was extremely happy with my decision.

Clothing to be donated Round 1

Ready to go!

Yes, while the drive there was slightly brutal, I knew I did the right thing once I saw how appreciative and excited they were to see new clothes for them. They were genuinely happy because most of the donations they sort through are usually ripped, old clothes that nobody wants anymore. Some of them could not believe that these were donations and it was great to hear funny reactions throughout the night:

Did you go shopping for clothes for us? These are brand new!

Who would give these away? Dude, some of this is really nice! (from a volunteer eyeing my unworn O’neill hoodie…)

If you’re giving these away, what kind of clothes do you normally wear!?

Whaaaaat!? Banaanaaa Republiiiic!….is my favorite! There IS a God!!…(To which I replied, ‘yes there is… and He’s always been there’ and to which he responded, ‘oh.. yes, sorry…sometimes I just say things when I get excited! Thank you!‘)

I even shook a guys hand about five times in a span of thirty seconds because he was just that thankful. It did not cross my mind how appreciative they were for just a couple of shirts and the real incredible thing was the fact that nobody took more than they really needed. When I tried to give them an extra shirt or sweater just in case, they would simply reply, “I’ll be okay, I only need these for now.” Amazing.

They cleaned me out…not bad at all =)

It was a great night and we all had chicken and pasta dinner together.

So here’s my plug for the group I volunteer at. It’s called Fill-A-Belly started by a couple of sisters who just had compassion for feeding the hungry. It’s grown a bit from when they walked around handing out sandwiches in paper bags and it’s doing well but they could always use support and help from willing people.

Everybody eats dinner together

There’s always new people to meet every week

I kind of have limited access to internet in this whole process but I promise pictures soon.

Update: Pictures added 11/5/2010


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November 4, 2010 at 1:00 am

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