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Cowles Mountain Full Moon Hike

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This past weekend I was able to cross off another item on my 2010 bucket list. I went on a full moon hike at Cowles Mountain with a few friends and was able to take Morgan along with me. It’s been a while since I’ve had quality time with Morgan which made the day all the better. We started off with Pho and started our hike around 10pm.

This is the view from the top… this picture does the view no justice

At the summit you’ll find a summit sign… and a happy pumpkin

Tip: If you bring your dog, stop by a store and grab a glow stick and attach it to their collar. Then you can see the light running around the mountain and scare other hikers!

Morgan could barely contain herself

Morgan the Martian-dog scales the rocky terrain

At the end of the day, Morgan still gets more attention from the ladies than I do.

I thought dogs were supposed to help pick up chicks? I must be doing something wrong. Sure it’s cute when a dog runs around with a glow stick around their neck in the middle of the night…but not so cute when a human does it. Why is that?

Helpful Hints:

1. Where to park? Park on the Northwest corner of Navajo and Golfcrest.
2. Day vs Night? I went with two others who did this hike before during the day. They definitely preferred nighttime because of the heat. The views are a lot better too at night but the only thing is some of the trails get confusing in certain areas. You should leave skittles along the way as you hike up so you can find your way back… unless your dog eats skittles too…
3. Jacket? Definitely bring one for your stay at the top and the trip down. Most of our group took their sweaters or jackets off a few minutes into the uphill hike, but you’ll definitely need it when you’re hanging around the top and on the less strenuous descent.
4. Water. Half of our group thought they did not need water because it was a night hike. Do you really need a reminder to bring water on a hike? Yes.

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October 25, 2010 at 1:00 am

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  1. […] did the hike back in 2010, but did not have my nice camera. This time I did and the pictures came out way […]

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