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Ban Me From Qualcomm Stadium

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As mentioned in a previous post, I went to the Chargers vs Patriots game this past Sunday. Also mentioned was my horrible curse to make them lose every time I watch the Chargers play with my one buddy…this time was no exception. The outcome of the game was horrible but it felt a lot worse in the first half with all of those turnovers happening. Disgust.  But I did have a good time overall because it was my first time tailgating at a Chargers game. It was good to be able to just relax, have a few burgers and drinks while talking to friends and meeting new people. My body was still recovering from the Full Moon hike the previous night so it was great to just chill like we do in San Diego.

Here are some pictures:

Does anybody even read this?

Tailgating with fans of the enemy… yes, true Charger fans.

We’re smiling but we’re 0-4 every time we go together

Kris Brown replaces our injured kicker Nate Kaeding. I’m still trying to figure out what on earth Brandon Siler #59 is doing

Introducing your 2-4 San Diego Chargers! (Now 2-5…)

The Brady Bunch

The losing bunch…

I should replace Kevin Acee at the Union Tribune to write articles for the Chargers. I think I do a lot better job (and more accurate) at analyzing the Chargers team and how they will be doing than he does. If you refer to my previous posts about the Chargers having a 5-7 record at the end of November, that is very realistic. That means the next five games they will go 3-2 which I think will happen and then they’ll start getting things rolling. Also, I’m going to make that dice I mentioned and send it to Norv. We started scoring once we abandoned our embarrassing running game and let Rivers do his thing in the fourth quarter and just barrage New England’s suspect pass defense. We should have done that all game long.

Also, I have and always will be a Charger fan even though it’s really tough right now, but it’s pretty crappy I think to abandon your team when they’re down. I know it’s completely ridiculous that it is already Week 7 and we’re still having all these mental mistakes. That starts with the coaching and yes Norv, you’re to blame. In three of the seven weeks, we have been #1 in the league in both offense and defense. We are a very good team team that is extremely undisciplined, and that’s why we are 2-5. Fire Norv. I don’t care if we end up going to playoffs. Fire Norv.

Anyway, let’s move onto a less serious portion of my post. Enjoy my stories.

Story 1:
At the game, I also had my first encounter with a fan that completely annoyed me beyond belief. First of all, he looked like Roger Linus in Lost while he was playing Ben Linus’ drunk father…and yes, he did look and appear drunk too. He kept reaching into his bag behind my seat and hitting my back to grab and put back his beer bottles. He dropped one onto my back once and then couldn’t shut up with stupid questions. It also didn’t help that he was shirtless and smelled like he was bathing himself with beer and manure all morning. Yuck.

A regular college kid walked by with a shaved head and small shoulder tattoo. Drunken, shirtless Roger-Linus-of-real-life asks his friend, “is that what your typical young person looks like today?” To my amazement, his buddy said yes and began explaining how all the youth were shaving their heads and getting tattoos all over their body. Wow you big dummy. Then later, at the end of the game when the Chargers made the big stop on fourth down and Rivers was leading them down the field with 1:30 left for the potential game winner, I feel a tap on my back.

“Excuse me, I can’t see because you’re standing in my view.” …Are you friggin kidding me…!!??

I honestly could not tell at first if he was joking or not. The Chargers were driving to potentially beat the Patriots in a big game after being 17 points down. I probably stared at him for three good, long seconds in disbelief and anger not saying a single word. He stared right back as if he had no respect for me because after all, I am part of the ‘youth of today’. Everybody around us was standing up. The guy next to him finally shouted at me, “Yo dude…F dat guy he’s a Patriots fan! You’re good! Keep standing!” (haha!) I shook my head, turned back around and continued watching the game. Then I hear him and his buddy whispering and talking about me. All I could hear from their little girly exchange was something about me “practicing passive agressiveness… most of the kids today will do that to ya…” (haha!)

That’s exactly what he looked like! I’m convinced that guy was an alien.

Story 2:
Well, this isn’t really a story but more of a game. It’s called Can You Spot The Creeper?

Picture #1: This is the easier warm-up

Yes, it’s the kid with the binoculars. I don’t know what he was looking at, but he looked long and often.

Picture #2:

Can you spot the creeper?

Sorry I don’t have any prizes to hand out.

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October 25, 2010 at 4:08 pm

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