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Foals Concert

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I saw the Foals this past weekend at The Casbah down near the San Diego airport. I have been anticipating this concert for a few months (I actually bought the tickets the first day they were available) and hearing nothing but great things about their live show. Even when my buddy came out from Manchester, England he couldn’t shut up about how good they were. The day before the concert I actually panicked and figured that I was probably over-hyping the concert up and that I would be sorely disappointed during the actual show. This was definitely not the case.

This was the best small venue show that I’ve been to. Ever. Their music and energy is made for smaller venues (even medium size) but I could never see them having the same experience if they played at large venues when the crowd is so far away. The Foals feeds off of the crowd energy so well which made this night a lot of fun. The quality of the music would be a close second behind the Kings of Leon concert I went to last year. You simply cannot touch KOL in live music quality but Foals was by far the most fun and energetic.

The opening band was Esben and the Witch who are also from England. They played about four songs which sounded very similar to each other but had a pretty unique sound. I also found out that Hogwarts is not in session, Harry Potter is touring with this band making sounds on their beat box machine (see nerdy boy in background). I guess this provides a perfect release for a kid who’s always fighting Lord Voldemort. And no I am not a closet Harry Potter geek.

Here are some pictures:

After talking to Yannis a little bit during the  opener, they’ll be back in LA next March 2011 and planning to be at Coachella for 2011. That will definitely be a good time to see them if you want to hear great music and an awesome show.


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October 17, 2010 at 3:09 pm

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