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Charger Fans Cry Now

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All I have to say is not only was it bad we lost to Oakland, we lost to the Rams. I feel super compelled to write a letter to my dear home team that I have loved since I was a little boy.

Dear Chargers,

Even though we have a top offense and defense in the league, we sit at 2-4 pondering whether or not we will make playoffs this year. I realize it is too early to make such a claim but… dammit we should be 6-0 right now! I have seen firsthand the damage you have done to San Diegan children in ruining their childhoods forever. 13-0 win streak against Oakland was all they knew in their lives and was normal.  Look at what you’ve done:

This kid’s entire life was beating the Raiders and now his life is pointless. It’s like if you read book seven of Harry Potter and Voldemort kills Harry Potter in the end. You bastard.

What!? Why are you laughing? This is not comedy, this is tragedy. You heard that correctly, “mom get out of here”….families are turning on each other and capturing each others darkest moment and putting them on the world wide web. This kid will never have a girlfriend or real friends anymore. We were in field goal range! He’s right…we were in field goal range. This is unacceptable.

I hope you feel miserable Mr. Chargers team.

Love, Johnny Sideburns

I am fairly accurate in football predictions for some reason, see my previous posts from last year’s playoff loss and the one from last week regarding our miserable win-loss record and missing playoffs this year. I must report further bad news for the Chargers. Every time I go to a Chargers game with my friend, they happen to lose. In 2008 we lose to Carolina in the season opener with a last second TD. Last year on Monday Night Football we lose to Denver and it was miserable driving home. Also, last year on our way to the Jets playoff game I took my buddy aside just outside of Qualcomm and asked him to reconsider going inside, he didn’t and we both destroyed our Superbowl run. So, what’s the bad news? you may ask…well next week I’ll be going to the Patriots game with my buddy. I’m sorry, but we’re already 2-4 so I’m going.

Until next time, Cheers.


Written by jonewantsm3

October 17, 2010 at 8:06 pm

Posted in Rant

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