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America 2, England 0

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Please see reaction #2 from previous post of This Will Haunt Me.

What’s up now England??

Previous high score held by Englishman was 26,290. The high score now belongs to a Taiwanese American at 28,440. I dedicate this high score to my mate in Manchester, UK. I already know what his reaction will be. Aw that’s well good mate, I’m really happy for you, cheers mate. Shaddup.

Typical English reaction.

Whenever I bring up the Revolutionary War (they know it as the American War for Independence) all the Brits say something similar along the lines of…we gave you your stupid land, we just didn’t want to deal with your lot anymore, or we just couldn’t be bothered anymore. Really? The strongest military of that era could not beat a bunch of colonial pitchfork farmer boys. I’m sure you really enjoy being on your overcrowded miserably wet and cold island. You claim you love it, but then you always take holiday trips to Florida where it’s nice and sunny.

I know I could have posted something simple such as “yay I finally beat my friend’s high score at brickbreaker!” but let’s face it. Deep down we all knew that the true battle here was England vs America all over again and America won…again.

Satisfaction Level:  America/10


Written by jonewantsm3

September 30, 2010 at 1:00 am

Posted in Rant

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