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This Will Haunt Me

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In any competition, I believe there are four different types of reactions to the final outcome:

1. You beat the opposition by a lot. Sure, it feels great to muscle around the little guy and blacken his eye over and over again. But these are good for confidence boosters for any player or team or whatever. Imagine if you will, Mike Tyson Punch-Out on my old video game console that the big guy always wins and pummels the little guy to death and you are the big guy. Easy enough.

It’s like picking on the fat kid back when you were in school…

Satisfaction Level: 7/10

2. You beat the opposition by a narrow margin. These are the games and types of competition that I used to drool about. Everybody remembers all the game winning shots in the NBA playoffs like Robert Horry hitting the game winner in 2002 vs Sac-town when Divac slapped it out of the paint or when the Fish threw in the running jumper with 0.4 seconds left vs San Antonio in 2004. I used to always wish that any game I played in, no matter how good or bad the other team or player was, would come down to the wire and be decided by who wanted it more at the end. These games I thrived in. These games are the ones I remember for life and most people remember watching as well.

Satisfaction Level: 11/10

3. You get beat by the opposition by a lot. These games feel bad. There’s usually nothing good to say about it except you know that you or your team has a lot of room for improvement…so there’s a positive side to it…kind of. You get back to training or working hard because you can’t stay crappy forever (unless you’re the Detroit Lions). Sure, I’ve had my share of being on the short end of these blow-outs but the fun thing is you can do whatever you want and the coach can’t say diddly-squat. What’s he going to do, yell at you for sucking more?

Yes, that’s 222-0. They needed to add another 2 at the end.

Satisfaction Level: 2/10

4. You get beat by the opposition by a narrow margin. These are the worst. You gave it your best… they have it their best… and their best was better than your best. Heartbreak at it’s greatest moment.

You’ve got to be friggin kidding me! I sneezed and when I opened my eyes the bar moved slightly left and the ball fell through the tiny gap in the right corner.

Short by 600 points…are you kidding me!! My English friend acquaintance has the audacity to take my phone while I’m watching Lost, set a high score on Brick Breaker and then fly back to England with a smile on his face. Bastard. My mission was to beat his score before the month was over and yesterday…I failed miserably (see #4 above). I was sitting on the john and sneezed and moved my trackball and the result was mortifying. I wanted to flush myself down the toilet.

Satisfaction Level: -25,690/10

Written by jonewantsm3

September 24, 2010 at 1:00 am

Posted in Rant

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