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Bustin Jieber Update

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Bustin Jieber Update

I intentionally changed his name around so people cannot further search this little mongrel pop-sensation and get to my blog. What kind of people you may ask (or not), that’s a very good question that I would like to know myself. It’s probably a bunch of little girls, so that’s great, now I have a bunch of little girls visiting my blog.

It seems like there’s a community of youngsters out there who are very passionate about Bustin Jieber in either a good or a very bad way. Fortunately for me, the online search engine phrases used by people to navigate to my blog are revealed to me in my settings. I get a first hand report that shows what kind of jacked up people little girls are visiting my blog. For my own protection, instead of spelling out his name, I will only type jb.

First off, I realize that not all search engine phrases are awkward or bad:

jb family
jb face
jb head
jb laughing

But that list is fairly short. Now we move onto the more interesting phrases:

jb relaxing
stuff that looks like jb
j white background head
jb and his lil cosin

jb goat
jb head cut off his head

jb con brackets
(in my mind I picture a little hispanic girl with braces…trying to do a search on “jb with braces”. I may be wrong…and racist)

Lastly, we move onto the group reserved for little girls who are too horny for their own good:

pics of jb with no shirt on
how to make jb in lego
jb lookin dayum foine
(Again, is it racist of me to enjoy playing the game…guess the race?)


Written by jonewantsm3

August 24, 2010 at 1:00 am

Posted in Rant

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