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Master Bedroom Closet

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I spent the past weekend building a master bedroom closet system for my very naked green reach in closet area. A lot of time went into the planning and research because quite honestly, I had no idea what I was doing. The most difficult process was figuring out exactly what I wanted without seeming too feminine. After telling a lady at church about my closet project, she gave me a confused look and asked, “Since when do men care about a nice closet system?” My witty response was, “…ha…ha yea I know right..?” duuurr

Anyway, here we go:

This is the plan. Yes, I need a lot of space for all the junk I’ve accumulated over the years. Lacrosse, lacrosse and more lacrosse junk…

I made a quick painter’s tape layout the night before just to make sure everything was legit. I didn’t want to have areas that I could not reach into. I also wanted to designate a spot for my dirty laundry hamper thing…

End of Day One Stats:
Motivation Level: 10/10
Confidence Level: 9/10
Injuries: 0

The next morning I went to Home Depot to pick up all my building materials. Lots of pre-made shelving that weight a ton and 1″x2″,3″ studs for the wall cleats. The thought running through my mind over and over while driving home was is my wall really going to hold all of this weight!?? I got home, walked to the back of my car and it suddenly dawned on me. What on earth am I getting myself into!?

End of Morning Stats:
Motivation Level: eh…4/10?
Confidence Level: 1/10
Injuries: 1 (smashed my finger between the heavy shelvings while I was loading them onto the cart)

I started nailing the cleats into the wall for the top shelf. I left a 3/4″ gap where the vertical panels would go.

Then I cut the shelf cleats (okay…dude I don’t even know if they’re referred to as ‘cleats’ but thats what I’m going to call them from now on) to be equal lengths. After I put the first one on the wall, I marked where the stud was located on the other pieces. This would save me time from using the stud finder everytime I wanted to nail them onto the wall. Make sense? Yes. Moving on. What you get is a lot of saved time and the pictures below:

I then put the top shelf onto the cleats. I tried nailing the shelf down in the back and although that was fine, I quickly went with the drill. I drilled a small pilot hole (1/8″) and then screwed in the nails with the drill which was what I should have done from the beginning. Standing on a ladder and reaching far in the back to hammer a nail was just awkward and it was a lot easier to handle the tight corners with a drill.

The vertical panels go in next to support the top shelf. An important note: Make sure the bottom cleats are 3/4″ longer on each side. The panels will rest on these supports as you drill in the anchor screws from the top shelf and the side panels into the cleats.

After this point, I felt like a pro for some reason. Stupid confident amateur.

Early Afternoon Stats:
Motivation Level: 10/10
Confidence Leve: 11/10
Injuries: 1 (I found I cut my hand somewhere along this process, but was probably too excited to notice)

The rest of the process is just cutting and securing the panels. Here are some pictures for the rest of Day One:

At the end of day one, I only had the shelving panels left to attach but I kept that portion for tomorrow. I didn’t want to bother my neighbors with cutting, drilling and loud noises so I called it a night.

The next day was fairly easy with the shelves. I cut a bunch of them to length, and attached them from the side panels with screws. Took me only a couple hours.

I used some old closet rods for the clothes hanging area. I did not want to get to where I was cutting metal because I have never done it before. I laid out the area by measuring the length of my existing rod and adding 1/2″ to account for the brackets.

I added a nice little carpet to the area for now and I’m done!…for now

I still have two other rods to install and half a closet to caulk. Once I get the job completed, I’ll post pictures of the final product.

Until next time…thanks for stopping by. Stay classy San Diego.


Written by jonewantsm3

August 17, 2010 at 1:00 am

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