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Home Update: Living Room Finished

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I finished the living room area this weekend along with a bunch of other tasks such as putting curtain rods up in the master bedroom. I realized that my progress has recently slowed due to the fact that I finally having a place to chill and relax… and me chilling and relaxing too much. Also, the fact that summer has finally arrived in San Diego in the month of August does not help either… overcrowded weekend surfing is still good to me.

Here are some pictures of what I’ve been up to:

Adding the quarter round along the kitchen floor is nearly complete

Installed a shoe storage unit and mirror in the entry way

All my beautiful shoes that I don’t wear

In my bedroom there is a weird corner where two windows meet very closely. I had the hardest time thinking of how I should put the curtain rods in there because the ends in the corner would bump each other. I tried looking online everywhere but finally decided to Mickey-Mouse something and hoped that it looked good.

Here is the awkward window setup but I really shouldn’t complain though. On the weekends, I really enjoy the sun coming up over those mountains to wake me up in the mornings. It far outweighs my lack of privacy when my neighbors see me sleeping, changing or walking out of my shower naked.

I purchased this elbow connector from Bed Bath & Beyond

I installed only three curtain brackets and connected the two wooden rods

I hung the rods on the brackets to see where I should make cuts and then installed the ends

It looks clean and I can finally block out the world when I go to sleep at night. I also had a discussion with a friend this weekend about all my curtain rods being white. While I agree that I want a darker color, I just don’t know what color to get yet so which is why I bought white so I can paint over it. But for now, it’s good.

I also set up the living room and my awesome mini-home theater:

Hanging the TV on the wall. 52 inches of awesome now hangs on my wall thanks to a super cheap TV bracket ($19)

I spent about an hour setting up the power cables, wires and using ties to organize them all in an orderly fashion. I finally hooked up my dad’s old sound system which is more than sufficient for such a small place like mine.

Apparently I can check fantasy football scores and watch YouTube videos directly from my TV

I am very excited that things are coming together rather nicely and finishing up many of the last items. I’ve got to come up with a punchlist of things to complete and just get after it… such as the fireplace that I have been avoiding forever. I also have to stop building surf racks and installing stuff on my car like so:

Before: Beast

After: Sexy Beast


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August 9, 2010 at 1:01 am

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