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A Look Back In Time

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I cannot believe that it is already August! This year is going by too fast but I guess that means I’m having a lot of fun…or I’m just not paying attention to the calendar at all. Whatever the case may be, I feel very cheated as it’s been extremely cloudy all summer, I haven’t had adequate time to go surfing on the weekends, and my condo isn’t done yet.

Anyway, I like to look back through my pictures on occasion to see what good (or no good) I was up to in previous years during this time. So we look back at around the beginning of August…here we go!

2009: David and Wynne’s Wedding

They got married at a nice little church in La Jolla and then had dinner at Jasmine’s in Convoy. It was great to see them finally tie the knot as they were dating for like 12 years or something ridiculous. It was definitely good to see them again and a lot of old friends that I haven’t seen in a while.

2008: First Surfboard

I remember as if it were yesterday. I drove to some strangers house and made an craigslist exchange for my first surfboard that I wish I did not sell later on. It was a mini-gun board. I had no idea what I was getting myself into…I remember so many times it was just me paddling out by myself with no instruction ever on how to surf and trying to learn everything by trial and error. There was also the time that I thought I was going to die when I paddled out during a storm and the waves were 8-10 ft. But I’m still alive so… good times.

2007: Mexico Mission Trip

About a month before I spent a year abroad in the UK…a group of buddies from my church in LA went down to San Quentin in Baja to chill and help with the local missionaries down there. They help a group of people equivalent to the Native Americans in the US. He says that how Californians view and treat your typical Mexican immigrant is how the Mexicans treat the Native Mexicans down there in Baja. Kind of a trip to think about that especially since so many times we’re all guilty of viewing people at a lower position than ourselves.

We also like to get down on mission trips…and do some dancing:

Update: Videos do not appear to be working right now… so here’s a link:

Missions Dance Party 1

Missions Dance Party 2


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