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2010 World Cup: Bracket Domination

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I won this year’s 2010 World Cup bracket at work against a few coworkers. In fact, I think I did rather well and would surprise a lot of people who thought I didn’t know a lot about soccer. In fact, they are right. I didn’t know too much about soccer. That is until I came back from England and started following it slowly a little more and more. Dare I say I can now stand to watch 90 minutes of straight soccer without complaining or changing the channel. Don’t worry thought, I still call it soccer. The real football is here in America. That’s right, the one you play with your hands.

Back to the topic regarding my dominating bracket…we only awarded points for teams advancing to the next round. Kind of like how march madness operates with a doubling of points for each round after that. Here’s my bracket:

Second Round: 13 Points

Group A: 1. France , 2. Urugray (1 pt)
Group B:
1. Argentina, 2. South Korea (2 pt)
Group C:
1. England, 2. USA (2 pt)
Group D:
1. Germany, 2. Austrailia (1 pt)
Group E:
1. Netherlands, 2. Japan (2 pt)
Group F: 1. Italy, 2. Paraguay (1 pt)
Group G: 1. Brazil, 2. Portugal (2 pt)
Group H: 1. Spain, 2. Chile (2 pt)

As you can see… I’m already off to a great start. One lesson I learned, France is a massive failure… but that wasn’t the lesson. The lesson was to never give French people too much credit again.

Quarterfinals: 8 Points

France vs South Korea – France (0 pts)
Argentina vs Urugray – Argentina (2 pts)
England vs Australia – England (0 pts)
Germany vs USA – USA (0 pts)
Netherlands vs Paraguay – Netherlands (2 pts)
Italy vs Japan – Italy (0 pts)
Brazil vs Chile – Brazil (2 pts)
Spain vs Portugal – Spain (2 pts)

Okay, I know you’re eyes are focused on Germany vs USA and how drunk I must have been when I made that selection. I was at work so I definitely was not drunk…but rather stupid. I actually changed it last second just to spice things up. The only thing I spiced up was a round of laughing by my coworkers…

Semifinals: 8 Points

France vs England – England (0 pts)
Argentina vs USA – Argentina (0 pts)
Netherlands vs Brazil – Netherlands (4 pts)
Spain vs Italy – Spain (4 pts)

Not bad for having selected two of four teams correctly to make the semi’s…the game that I couldn’t wait for was actually in the quarter finals for Netherlands vs Brazil. And what I really mean was I couldn’t wait to call my Brazilian buddy to make fun of him on his day of sorrow and mourning.

Finals: 16 Points

Spain vs Argentina – Spain (8 pts)
Netherlands vs England – Netherlands (8 pts)

My theory on bracketology is that whoever gets the two final teams correctly usually wins the thing. I for one got them both correct and  not only that, I’m a super-bandwagoner for the ORANJE BOOOOOOM!!!! They have the raddest uniforms in world cup… and that’s about all the reason I like them.

I’m taking him back to my room…because I play soccer and I’m gay! (jk. Not all soccer players are gay)

My finals prediction for my bracket: Spain 2 – Netherlands 1.

I really wish I put Netherlands as winning it all…and to celebrate my bracket victory, here are a bunch of awesome soccer celebrations! Enjoy!

The “Frog Hop”

The “Kiss of Homo”

The “Flight of Victory” aka the “Break Yo Neck!”

The “Sore Loser” (…I guess losers celebrate in their own way)

The… “Hey Rooney that’s inappropriate! C’mon Ronaldo… have more respect for yourself ” Celebration

The super gay “Balls In The Back of My Net” Celebration

The “Rebirth”

Until next time. Cheers!


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July 7, 2010 at 8:57 pm

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