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Home Remodel: Den Finished!

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The past couple weekends I have been getting the den ready and finishing off many areas of the house that I need to complete. I finally finished all of the laminate flooring. The little closet in the hallway always got ignored because it was so small and I figured that I could do it at any time. Well, I did that on Sunday and now it’s done. But I was happier to say that I finished the den area completely, now I just need to furnish it. Also, it seems like there are still many people who think I still live at my parents house (which I don’t)… maybe because I keep telling everybody that my house has so much work left?… or maybe because they’re not real friends? Well, that’s a whole other topic of discussion but in the meantime here is what you really care about…pictures:

This is what the room looked like before. It actually does not look bad, I just thought it would look better striped

I mixed a custom off-white/green color to be the base of the new walls

I wanted five bolder green bands coming down the wall and four lighter green bands in between them. I had to measure the height of the wall, minus the four inches of baseboard I was going to install afterward, and then divide the space into nine equal parts. Then came the tedious part of taping and making sure the lines would be perfectly horizontal.

Taping complete!

Edging in the corners and borders. I’ve got so good at painting that I don’t even bother taping off the ceilings or the door frames to avoid getting paint on them

Using the roller to finish the lines


The trick with painting lines (and with using painters tape) is to remove the tape immediately after you are done painting whether it be your only coat or your second coat. After my second coat, I went around and peeled off all the tape. There was still some bleeding through (I might try frog tape next time) but overall I am happy with the results:

And with the baseboard:

Can’t wait to furnish this room and finally put french doors on the main entrance coming in. I kind of have an idea of how I want to decorate this room, but I am always open to suggestions. Let me know what you think!


This weekend I was driving around to pick up materials and decoration things for the house. I got some help with a lady at a department store and started talking to her about my ideas and what I thought would look good and things I was looking for. After a while of my detailed description, she turned to me and said, “wow, your wife really knows what she wants in terms of decorations…”

Oops. I said to her, “oh… I’m not really married. I’m… single. I just kind of know what I’m looking for…”

Then she gave me a really surprised/ weird, “oh…okay” response.

She probably thought I was gay.


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July 5, 2010 at 8:00 pm

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