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Camp Pendleton Mud Run

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This year I finally had the opportunity to do the mud run at Camp Pendleton. I had no idea that it was as popular as it is and almost missed the opportunity to sign up for it. I signed up over 6 months ago back in January and all four races sold out pretty much in a week.

Our team name was “TeamAwesome!” and our theme was Sesame Street characters

Masses of humanity

Firetrucks making sure everybody was nice and wet from the beginning

Mud, mud and more mud!

Becoming one with the mud

The frenzy known as the shower lines

Post mud run feet vs Post shower feet

Endless supply of relief stations


1. Marines. They do such a good job yelling/encouraging/helping throughout the entire course. While we were standing around waiting for the start horn, the intro was very informative, very funny and pumped everybody up. Big ups for their efforts in putting this together and getting people excited for the run and raising money to support the USMC needs and families.
2. Lake. You have to wade through a lake that is about 5 feet deep. Our shortest team member had to piggy back off me the entire way across.
3. Mud. I ran through all the obstacles as fast as I could and as messy as I could. I got a lot of people angry I’m sure when I decided to high-step through the courses…they were like, “stop it!…you’re getting mud…” Hey buddy, you’re doing a mud run!) I actually did stop later on when a female marine told people to stop splashing…while looking directly at me.
4. Costumes. When it comes to coordinating what your team will be wearing, some people are very creative and then some are straight sleazy. Our team was more on the creative side and we got a lot of compliments throughout the day. In my opinion, the best group dressed as a basketball team and actually dribbled a basketball as they ran the dirt course. Their leader shouted, “we got numbers, fast break!” and then they sprint off into the distance. Simply rad.


1. Costumes. Again, I go back to the ‘sleazy’ comment above. Some people give their own bodies too much credit. Thank you fat bike-shorts wearing dude for burning deep scars into my visual memory. Thank you old, boney ass-hanging-out-of-your-shorts lady who ran past me with a limp which has haunted me for many nights after the run. Thank you old carpet back Persian man who was so hairy to the point I thought a bear ran past me. A shout out goes to all you muffin-top girls who well… never mind. We should really move on.
2. Showers. Kind of. It was so hot out that it felt good to jump into the freezing cold water. And that’s when it quickly became a lowlight. The water was freezing and I was cold for about 10 minutes after I came out and dried off and had a clean change of clothes on.
3. Rocks in the shoes. This is never good.

Overall, this was the most fun I have had in a long while and also the longest distance race that I’ve ever done. I don’t count it as the furthest I’ve run because of all the walking and waiting that I had to do for my weak teammates (yea, I don’t mind throwing people under the bus!). I actually was not tired one bit the first two miles because it was just too slow of a pace for me but also because I was captain of team awesome. But regardless, it was still a lot of fun and I am definitely doing it again next year!


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June 28, 2010 at 1:00 am

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