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Mass Update & Life Happenings

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There have been too many things going on in my eventful life and I’ve been slacking to update this blog so this post is going to sum up what has been happening this past month!

Home Update

I’ve put up jambs/casings around the openings of both the master and second bedrooms. It took a while but it was well worth it! It now looks much better compared to the previous drywall opening that was cut out. Now I have to just find some doors (or leave it open) to put in there.

I’ve also installed the baseboard around the bedrooms and half of the hallway. I’ve found this to be very simple, but just very tedious. I need to walk back and forth from the table saw to the rooms, and there are so many little steps that need to take place that it feels like I made very little progress, but the condo is now about a third done with the baseboard.

Not bad at all if I may say so myself

Petco Park

I went to Petco Park for the very first time (yes, I know I should be embarrassed as a San Diegan). We got “obstructed view” seating and didn’t really know what that meant until we sat down and noticed that we couldn’t even see the game going on. We moved to better seats and immediately started enjoying the game because we could actually see what was going on. The Padres played the Nationals that night and lost. Now I don’t know much about baseball, but I know the Nationals suck and if the Padres lost to the Nationals, then that means that the Padres must really su…

Obstructed view, unless you’re a kid creeper…

Installed Dishwasher

I had no idea what I was doing during this installation but I got it to go in and function properly. I learned how to connect hoses under the sink and how to turn off the hot water and turn it back on. Actually, that stuff is like kindergarten stuff. If I had to re-install another dishwasher, I could do it in less than an hour now. Not much to it except connecting a bunch of hoses and wiring.

My R2D2-looking dishwasher passed out after a long night partying

Before and after

Now, I finally have a fully functional kitchen! No more gaping hole in the side, underneath the countertop.

Sister’s Graduation

The biggest thing I took away from this event was DAMN. THERE ARE A LOT OF ASIANS AT TORREY PINES NOW. Then so many things started making sense, like how much they suck at sports now, how their academic scores are rising, how they’re all into the hipster lifestyle and so forth. Simply put, I was blown away by their numbers. Then I realized and remembered… I’m Asian. All of the “their” and “them” talk really is “us” and “we”. Then I cried.

A great mass of humanity

It was also funny how after everybody took pictures and started walking off to their respective family dinners, there was still a large crowd of people on the field taking pictures. Oh yeah! All the Asians were still on the field snapping away with their our cameras.

So there you have it, a month’s worth of updating finished. Until next time…



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June 20, 2010 at 1:00 am

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