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Installing Laminate

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…is a pain in the ass. Actually, on the knees and lower back.

I spent the majority of Thursday to Sunday last weekend putting this stuff in and my knees and lower back have suffered immensely because of it. I did it 99% all by myself, and therefore am not finish quite yet. I have about 20% left in the master bedroom and the entrance to do which I can finish this weekend. Here’s the progress of the whole thing in pictures, the place is finally coming together nicely.

I only installed a few rows before my attention had to turn towards the fireplace tiles on the hearth. I had to lay them out before the laminate so I could cut the laminate up to where the hearth was going to be located. So, I stopped by Wednesday night to do measurements of the fireplace and got the tiles cut up on Thursday early morning. I was able to get the lower tiles on the fireplace surface in and the hearth tiles in, and a few rows of laminate.

Laying out the tile on the surface… everything looks good!

All the tiles laid out and I went as far as I could for the laminate for the day.

I actually cracked a side tile by smacking it with a rubber mallet out of frustration. You can see some of the tiles are crooked (concrete floor wasn’t completely level) but I’m really hoping that when I finish adding tiles and grout the thing, it’ll not look so crooked. Probably not. =(

Motivation level: 10/10
Frustration level: 3/10
Pain: 4/10
Number of times I cried: 0

Pretty much just woke up, drove to the new house and worked on laminate the entire day. This was actually the day that I started bumping into a lot of problems. I had to saw off the door frames for the planks to slide underneath, I had to figure out how to connect planks without locking them in, too many things popped up and I was able to figure some of them out but some I couldn’t figure out until the next day. Here are the pictures:

Finished the kitchen!

Got a little further in the living room and got past the fireplace.

Started going down the hallway and into a ton of problems with the doors.

I was able to start flying today but ran into a lot of problems in the hallway. I figured out most of the issues on Saturday though so it wasn’t so bad.

Motivation level: 8/10
Frustration level: 10/10
Pain: 8/10
Number of times I cried: 0

I went home the previous night and thought about different ways to solve the problems I encountered and was able to hammer some of them out. I finally got into the square rooms which by now I was a lot faster than before which was a good thing. The bad thing was that the walls sometimes are not entirely straight and so I have to make curvy cuts down the length of the plank, multiple times and many times.

I started getting really good at cutting the laminate to fit precisely around corners and under the doors.

Laying down the laminate in the den area.

So the den and the living room planks will eventually meet up. Hope this isn’t too difficult.

I moved the mirror into the den last night. So I had to move it out today to work on the floor. This is what happens when you try to move something by yourself when you know you shouldn’t.

Began work in the second bedroom.

The hallway into the room transitions are looking pretty good if you ask me!

I was happier today that I could get a lot done in the other rooms. The place is starting to come together alright. My frustration level was lower due to me being able to solve a lot of the issues I encountered.

Motivation level: 7/10
Frustration level: 9/10 (was at 13/10 at one point)
Pain: 11/10
Number of times I cried: 0

Went to church in the morning and started working on this place a little later than the previous days but that’s fine. I completed the second bedroom in a couple of hours and then started into the master bedroom.

Master bedroom hallway.

Master bedroom not quite finished.

I have about five more rows left in the master bedroom. The reason I couldn’t complete it was I had stored most of the laminate in this room and had to spend a lot of time moving it out in order to work on this room. The only areas left are the few rows left in this room and the entrance areas before I’m all done!

Motivation level: 5/10
Frustration level: 6/10
Pain: 12/10
Number of times I cried: 0 (Were you expecting me to cry out of pain and frustration? Please.)

Not only am I not a cry baby, but I learned a lot about installing laminate. It was slow in the beginning because every row in the living room had to be cut diagonally. The rooms that were square went a lot smoother and faster. I honestly believe I could have finished the entire place in three days if I had someone else helping me cut the planks. I realized how much time I wasted walking back and forth and forgetting tools and walking back or forgetting the measurements before making my cuts. It definitely saves a lot of time.

Well, my goal is to move in this coming weekend. I’ll be installing baseboard sometime in the near future and the trim pieces as well. Until next time.



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March 31, 2010 at 1:00 am

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