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Bedrooms Painted!

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I spent the past weekend prepping and painting the two bedrooms at my condo. The more I look at the color selection, the happier I am.  To be honest, the prep work totally blows. You have to spackle all the dents, holes and whatever. Then you have to wash the walls briefly to make sure there isn’t any dust or grease on there, then you have to tape the walls… the list goes on. When we started painting, we were so exhausted that the excitement level wasn’t so high anymore, but after you finish, the finished work looks amazing!

So apparently, vandalism tendancies are still prevalent in my family…

This is a picture of me taking care of the problem

This is the second bedroom after I edged in all the corners. You can see the original wall color and the new color I selected.

First coat done!

The original color selection for the master bedroom was called Fugly Lime Green

After the first coat…

After the second coat! Great success!

The best helper of the weekend so far has been Morgan. She’s the only one who didn’t complain about the ladder, fingers hurting, taping the edges being tedious, lack of music to work to…boo boo hoo boo. Cry babies. Just kidding. I appreciate everybody who helped out so far!

Morgan also now has white tipped ears and whiskers from hanging out with the paint crew all day. I guess that’s one way to add highlights your hair. I should just paint a white race stripe down her back. Then I could take her to the dog park and tell all the people freaking out that my dog is half dog-half skunk, the first of her kind.


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March 16, 2010 at 4:05 pm

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