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Busy Weekend #2: My Condo is a Mess

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There was too much going on this weekend. On top of all the physical work I had to deal with, there was a lot of family issues draining me emotionally having to do with my grandma being in the hospital. I had more things planned, but I felt like I accomplished more than enough for one weekend.

This is a lot easier than you think…your brain just makes you think it’s a bigger deal than it really is because you’re flooring is coming out and you are revealing your floor’s nakedness. The carpet comes out rather quickly, just pull it up from the corner and work your way across and then roll it up. The only thing to worry about is the tack strips which could hurt you a lot so make sure you clean those up right away. Those also come out really easily with a chisel and a quick tap with the hammer.

My floor is naked! I’ve got to find some kind of chemical that removes the adhesive from the concrete slab.

We started removing the laminate but stopped because we had no more space to put things in the home. The dumpster was already full and I didn’t throw away any foam underlay from the carpet. I guess I just have to throw it away slowly until it’s all gone.

Everybody is telling me that I’m crazy for getting rid of the carpet and laminate which are in pristine condition…even the lady I sold the carpet to told me I was crazy. =)

We also removed the baseboard around the entire condo. This is actually trickier than most people would know. The best way to do it would be to take a razor and score (or cut) the top caulked portion of the baseboard. Then it’s as easy as taking a pry bar and wedging from the bottom. Unfortunately, Roommate-the-Barbarian decided to set a new world record for time removing baseboard and amount of damage done to drywall. He also did neither of the razor scoring and prying from the bottom. I spent about 4 hours spackling numerous baseboard holes, rips and only completed 1/3 of the condo. This new item of work to repair the wall has now been added to my already extensive Things-to-do list. Cheers.

Removing the baseboard…gently.

My goal this weekend was to paint the entire ceiling to the condo. Then I changed it to just the ceilings in the bedrooms which was a more realistic goal. I lightly washed the bedroom ceilings lightly and after it dried I taped the master bedroom ceiling. This is actually…unnecessary if you are planning to paint the walls. I am going to paint over that anyway and will be taping the ceiling for a clean edge so I was just doubling work which is needless.

I took care of the drywall around the fireplace finally. Took a metal wire brush and brushed off all the loose paint/grout from the brick surface and then cleaned it. I bust out the mini-shop vac that I finally decided to buy and sucked up all the debris around the hearth and everywhere around the fireplace. I also cleaned the inside of the fireplace which had a ton of unwanted guests with eight legs. My goal this weekend was to prep the surface for tiling next week. I want to be able to set the wall tiles on day and then put the hearth tiles in place before I start laying down the laminate flooring.

Drywall patched, everything needs to be cleaned up for the thinset to be put on the brick surface.

Super clean! You can see the scuff marks on the brick from the wire brush.

Tada! Thinset in place and I had no idea what I was doing!

Next week I hope to have this fireplace completed except for the mantle installation which would happen after the painting is done.

I think things are coming along rather well don’t you? Until next time…Cheers

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March 8, 2010 at 11:47 am

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