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I found time this afternoon to play with the dog and decided this was the perfect time to bust out the new DSLR (Canon Xsi) that I recently purchased. Did I know what I was doing? Heck no.

Some of the pictures came out super overexposed, I had to stay on auto-focus or the pictures would turn out blurry, and I had to stick with the preset settings that Canon provided. Once I start venturing into letters: M, Tv, Av, A-DEP… I am completely lost. I know the little dude running is sports mode with bust shooting enabled, the mountain is for landscape…ha! My knowledge of DSLR stuff is so pathetic.

This day was not a complete waste though as I was able to squeeze out a few decent pictures:

Those were the good pictures that I was able to take. Most of the other stuff looks pretty cool with the whole distance contrast but were overexposed. Even though the picture below is blurry, it’s my favorite shot of the day…it was right before I had to turn and run for my life.

Written by jonewantsm3

February 6, 2010 at 9:59 pm

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