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San Diego Chargers

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I actually scored some tickets to go watch the Chargers vs Jets playoff game. I was really excited for a few reasons…first, it was my first playoff game and second, it was like sweet redemption from when they beat us in 2004 in the playoffs. But when I arrived at the Q, there was no playoff atmosphere and there wasn’t really a sense of urgency which bothered me. Many of the Jets fans (and there were many!) felt they were going to get blown out anyway and I quote two of them saying, “yea, but at least we made it this far. We’re just happy to be here.” I did notice that if I were to be head coach of a team, the Jets team was how I would want my team to look like: a powerful running game and a stingy defense. Similar to what Marty Schottenheimer had going on, except throw in a little play-action once in a while (which the Jets did).

Then we lost. On three failed Nate Kaeding field goals (a la Nate Kaeding of 2004), ten horrible penalties, over-confidence, the list goes on. After sitting on it a few days, I’ve come to my conclusion of what needs to change in San Diego for them to finally break through the funk and win a Superbowl.

1. LT, I love you man…
…but you gots to go. Actually, you don’t have to go, but you shouldn’t be the starting running back anymore. Honestly consider this, stay in San Diego, take a pay cut and extend your career where you’d be a highly effective backup runner. There is NOBODY else in the league who is willing to sign you as their top RB next year, so might as well be backup in San Diego where you’re still loved. Think about it.

2. Cromartie has to go
I can’t think of enough things to say about how horrible this guy is. Sure he is very, very athletic but he’s not a football player. Yes, I said it. If you’re playing defense you better be eager to hit someone, especially a wide receiver. Just take a look across the field and emulate the other starting CB, Quentin Jammer. The many times Cromartie has been out of position, blown his coverage, missed a tackle, got pass interference called against him, or had horrible pursuit angles far outweighs just having someone talented on the field. Disagree with me? Go watch the Shonn Greene’s 53yard TD run where Cromartie is a hand grab away from making the tackle and doesn’t because he scared of contact. Oh yeah, he then sprints down faster than anybody else and shoulders Shonn Greene in the endzone. Awesome. Cromartie, I hope A.J. Smith sees what I sees and gets rid of you this offseason. You’re crippling the defense.

3. Release or not release Nate Kaeding
This one I can’t make up my mind on. If we release him, sure we can potentially get a kicker who can finally hit a field goals when it counts but we also lose the league’s leading scorer and a very consistent kicker. I can think of 31 other teams who would jump at the opportunity to sign him if he was ever released. What the heck Nate!? Make those stupid field goals!

Actually, my suggestion would be to try out 2 players currently on the Chargers roster to see if they can kick and if they can, release Nate! First is LT, heck, we know he ran for a lot of scores, caught a bunch of scores, and even threw for a few scores! I would not be surprised if he could kick fieldgoals. The second player is Vincent Jackson. Apparently, he’s very eager to kick things so why not give him a shot.

4. Fans need to stop blowing smoke
If you live in San Diego, you know what I’m talking about. I’m guilty of it too. Everybody in San Diego was claiming “Superbowl!!!” in mid-December. I would like to remind everybody in San Diego that although we do extremely well in December, January has not been a good month for us.

5. Draft a RB
And release a few guys. Yes, there is some quality talent coming out this year and there is no need to have Darren Sproles, Jacob Hester, Mike Tolbert, and Michael Bennett on the roster as guys who can potentally run the ball. I was excited when they drafted Gartrell Johnson last year in the fourth round but then released him for Michael Bennett. Gartrell was a strong runner, had great size, had good hands catching it and Bennett sits on the bench. I’m not sure if Sproles will be back but I hope he does and gets a contract worked out. Jacob Hester is a great football player who is very smart around the ball and has good field presence. Tolbert, Bennett, you guys gots to go.

6. I’m done

Typing these points up is draining me emotionally and mentally. The Chargers have a lot of stuff to work on and I do believe they’ll win a Superbowl soon, not because I’m a fan, but just because Rivers is the kind of guy who can win one. If Jamal Williams can be healthy next year, our defense will be significantly improved. We have to be prepared for the real possibility that next year’s Charger team is not going to look like this years. Shawne Merriman probably gone. LT probably gone. Kaeding probably not gone. In the meantime, we’ll see what happens…it’s going to be a long offseason.


Written by jonewantsm3

January 19, 2010 at 6:42 pm

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