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Kings of Leon Concert

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I went to the Kings of Leon concert this past Saturday night and have tons of great things to say.  The venue was The Great Western Forum (yes, where the Lakers used to play) and I officially hate it after charging us $22 for parking a car there. I guess our alternative was to park our car out on the streets of Inglewood, CA…I guess paying up was the smart decision. The stage was setup at one end of the arena and was extremely empty when we first arrived. We showed up a little over an hour early because we thought people were going to be swarming to the place with such an amazing band finally coming out to the West coast….guess not.

I did not think it was going to fill up when it was still relatively empty half an hour after the horrific opening band got off stage. I literally wanted to puncture my eardrums during the opening performance…but I resisted. The only thing that held my attention was how ridiculous they jumped around and hopped on one foot and emulated the harlem shake while playing their instruments (link to how-to-harlem-shake video). A wave of relief actually swept over me as they put their instruments down and walked off stage.

When the Kings finally entered to the soundtrack of some bizarre gothic music playing in the background…I was too excited. I felt like a little girl …except that I don’t know how that feels, but anyway. I thought they were going to open up with Knocked Up because it’s got such a great intro but they opened up with a new song from their most recent album. It’s just really cool to see them finally touring the US and hopefully they’ll decide to come back out to the West coast again. These guys are awesome to the max.  This was easily the best concert I have ever been to. The Kings of Leon played a bunch of older awesome songs like Knocked Up and Charmer and their live music is 100 times better than any of their CD stuff. A lot of people who went were in for an awkward awakening…”they’re like… indie and yet so country sounding…” Amazing and yet it all fits. The coolest thing about the band is that they’re all family. It’s just unique and something that you don’t really see too much in today’s music industry (the Jonas Brothers don’t count because Disney manufactured artists don’t count).

Here are some cool pictures:

Kings of Leon – Molly’s Chamber

Kings of Leon – Closer

Kings of Leon – Use Somebody

They left and obviously came back for an encore… of 4 songs! Sweetness. I’m not going to listen to any KOL stuff in the near future… just doesn’t sound as good on CD.


Written by jonewantsm3

August 24, 2009 at 10:26 pm

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  1. […] which made this night a lot of fun. The quality of the music would be a close second behind the Kings of Leon concert I went to last year. You simply cannot touch KOL in live music quality but Foals was by far the […]

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