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Food: Sushi Yama

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Sushi Yama
500 N Escondido Blvd, Escondido, CA 92025

Overall Rating: 1/10

Atmosphere: 6/10
The first impression I got from walking in is that this place has a pretty good setup. My measuring tool? The big 52” tv playing the first pre-season football game that I watched…oh, how happy my heart was. There was nothing impressive or distracting about the place. It was your typical mid-range Japanese restaurant with a sushi bar and outside, covered seating. The only complaint I could think of was the fact that the lights kept dimming and becoming bright. This must have occurred 3 times during our entire meal.

Food: 5/10
Everybody looks for the awesome Japanese restaurant that they go to for good and consistently delicious sushi…this place is not it. To be honest, this place is not terrible but it just falls short in little areas here and there. It has a pretty interesting array of special rolls with very peculiar names such as the Jet Li roll (of course we got that). Unfortunately, the fish cuts were extremely thin and the rolls were about just over an inch in diameter…pretty small if you ask me and pretty small compared to the average standard size at most Japanese restaurants. Another downer was that they price their food similar to other places which have rolls double the size of the ones at Sushi Yama. Basically, their rolls barely make the average mark in taste but are overpriced and minimal on the portions.

Don’t even try to order the miso soup or green tea. Both taste like crap… I guess it caters to how white people like it because everybody else in the joint was white.

Service: 1/10
If you’re particular about good service, this isn’t the place for you. The service was extremely slow even when there wasn’t that many people in the restaurant, it took them 10 minutes after we’ve sat down before they approached us, it took over 5 minutes and several attempts to flag anybody if we needed something and…the list goes on. I went on a not-so-busy night and was still amazed at how horrible the service was.

Due to their abundance of TV screens, the chefs were more involved in what was playing throughout the night. Our rolls would be completed and they’d just stick it on top of the counter without calling the waitress. A few minutes later, the waitress would run in from socializing or doing something outside and bring it to us with much apology. There was only one Japanese chef there, but as usual similar to other mid-sized Asian restaurants, he’ll go and cater to the white guests. We got the non-Japanese chefs who put the rolls together with half-hearted effort.

The worst part of the service was the bill. I had a coupon for 20% which they did not honor. There were no restrictions listed but still wouldn’t give me a discount.  They had a selection of 50% off special rolls which we ordered a few from and would not use the discount for those items. When I tried to explain nicely to him that there’s nothing listed that says the 50% promotion was excluded, the manager turned to me and said, “What? You think we can give away free food like that?” Shocked. It was amazing that he did not try to talk to me and explain to me why they couldn’t combine such good offers, I would’ve listened and probably understood his issue and complied with it.  Instead I got an incredible answer to which immediately after, he turned and walked away into the back of the restaurant.

I’ll never go back to this place.

Also, apparently on there are a few complaints about service and management giving customers attitude. Click here.

Written by jonewantsm3

August 14, 2009 at 10:40 am

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